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Beethoven: Greatest Hits CD is relatively self-explanatory. It is a compilation of many of the works that Beethoven created during his life and showcases the works that seem to be the most often heard or the most often discussed by music lovers and critics alike. The CD has only the works of Beethoven and does not contain a compilation of artists like many other classical music CDs, where there are works by many different classical composers that all lived in the same basic period of time. The 'Greatest Hits' title is a common one. It is seen on the CDs of many artists when they have been producing music for some time, have several CDs available, and feel that they should take their best-selling or most-often-played songs and put them together in one compilation for their fans to buy. This allows these fans to have a compilation that has what are statistically going to be their favorite songs from that particular artist. By using this method of determining what should go on a 'Greatest Hits'
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album, most people are very happy, but there are always some that feel that an important song was left off of the album or a song that was included was really not any good and should not have been included.

Beethoven himself wrote many wonderful works and much of what he wrote was not written until he had already lost his hearing. Although he aspired to be a great singer and composer, he started going deaf at a very early age, which usually does not signal a long and prosperous music career. His ninth symphony, probably his most important and recognized piece of work, was not composed until after he was already completely deaf. This means that he never actually heard that music, he only felt it, or heard it in his head. This made him very extraordinary for his time, and would likely make him very extraordinary even in today's society where everyone seems to expect more of others. Whether he thought of his compositions as 'hits' is…

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