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Staffing Unit Leadership Talent Staffing Unit Leadership

Our company's standard procedures for search, recruitment, and selection of employees is designed to ensure a high level of process efficiency, procedural consistency, regulatory compliance, and overall fair[footnoteRef:1]ness to all stakeholders. We recommend the following steps to create structure for the recruitment and selection process: 1) Identify the vacancy (vacancies) and evaluate the staffing qualifications needed for the position(s); 2) Develop a job description specific to each position; 3) Develop a recruitment plan; 4) Select a search committee; 5) Post the position(s) and implement the recruitment plan; 6) Review applicants and develop a short list; 7) Conduct interviews; 8) Select the person(s) to be hired; and 9) Finalize the recruitment.[footnoteRef:2] [1: Liu, C. (2001, March 11). The fairness factor (I): In recruiting hiring & interviewing. CRM Learning. [Web]. Retrieved] [2: ____. (2013). Recruitment & Selection Hiring Process, University of California at Riverside. Retrieved

Given the four-week target for accomplishing the recruitment and hiring of ten site managers for Belize Auto Rental, we propose an accelerated time frame. To that end, we have completed or outlined steps 1 through 4 -- and stand ready to post the position via email to the current managers at your Belize and Yucatan sites. According to the best practices recommendations for management and senior professional staff, the duration of a job posting period should be 15 days from the date the position is posted to the beginning of the next business day.[footnoteRef:3] [3: Ibid.]

Once we have received approval for the materials and processes described herein, we will send our recommendations for the selection committee to you under separate cover.

Recruitment Advertisement[footnoteRef:4] [4: ____. (2014). Tourism and Economic Development Director, Town of Red River, New Mexico. LinkedIn.]

Job description: Site Manager -- Automobile Rental Center, Belize

This is a full-time position as a site manager with Belize Auto Rental (BAR). This position reports directly to the Vice President of International Business Development. This person hired for this position will oversee a current automobile rental site in Belize and may be responsible for coordinating efforts to open new sites. Work involves a variety of day-to-day duties involving team oversight, asset and facility management, sales, marketing and advertising, public and international relations.

Duties and Responsibilities (TDRs):

Develops integrated marketing, advertising, media and public relations strategy and tactics; identify target demographic, monitors competition, and adjusts strategy accordingly.


Identifies short- and long-term economic development issues, recommends initiatives and solutions to the Town Council and business community. Manages the rental center budgets, including marketing and advertising; reviews and authorizes all expenditures. Prepares and submits reports for the Board of Directors.

Acts as liaison between the local rental office and the online reservation system.

Represents Belize Automobile Rental in cooperative local, regional, and international promotional efforts.

Develops and maintains a positive relationship and partnerships with the local business community, surrounding communities, and regional marketing and economic development boards

Maintains public awareness of tourism issues and advertising opportunities.

Commits to maintaining and strengthening industry knowledge by attending industry conferences, establishing professional networks, and participating in industry development organizations.

Supervises and participates in trade shows, sales missions, familiarization tours for journalists, travel agents, and tour operators.

Develops and maintains a positive public image of Belize Automobile Rental through community emails and media releases.

Collaborates with advertising agency and research companies to develop relevant market research useful in promoting Belize Automobile Rental

Makes advertising recommendations to committees and places advertising as needed.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)

Bachelor degree in advertising, marketing, hospitality and tourism, or closely related field or three years of experience in advertising, marketing, sales, in hospitality and tourism, or a closely related field.

Experience working with the media and public, progression of increasingly responsible positions in customer service and fulfillment.

Demonstrated success in economic development and business promotion.

Successful experience in customer service, including increasing repeat business and referrals, and decreasing the number of dormant customers.

Demonstrated experience in brand development and brand management, preferably with a multinational firm or with a tourism or hospitality company

Knowledge of website development, social media, and Microsoft Office suite.

Ability to create and work with a budget.

Established connections in the travel market, especially with respect to Belizean and Yucatan tourist travel.

Excellent teaming and leadership skills, and a…

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