Biblical Summaries and Significance II Corinthians 5:11-21 Essay

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Biblical Summaries and Significance

II Corinthians 5:11-21

Life is full of sacrifices, even in the life of a believer and Paul wanted believers to know that Christianity would not be a walk in the park. Paul is quick to assure readers that he is motivated by a fear of the Lord, which is a good thing from the Christian perspective. This kind of fear is not the same kind of fear we realize when we are afraid of something bad happening to us. When Paul is speaking about being a good influence on those around him, he is pointing to the fact that he is doing it for the glory of God and for no kind of personal gain. Paul also wants believers to be motivated by the awesome nature and love of God. Paul also exhorts believers to spread the word about Christ. This is


These scriptures are important because they instruct believers to be new people on the inside, which will render different acts. It is also important for believers to understand that a healthy fear of God is a motivating factor that leads them to do things that make them seem out of their minds, such as blessing an enemy, sacrificing a career for religion or suffering to serve others. These are acts of love and the Holy Spirit helps believers do them as they are so counter to our culture teaches. Paul teaches the believer is a new creation in him and therefore must appear different to the world in some way.


Fear of the Lord is reverence. It is a healthy respect for who God as well as worship him. Paul tells believers that the old has passed away and the new has come. To this, believers are different whether they look different to
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the world or not. Their hearts are different. The ministry of reconciliation is the responsibility of believers and their actions are one thing to which non-believers look for evidence of something "good" and "decent." Believers are to look at their fellow men through the lens of eternity. They should look at people as lost or not before anything else and this helps them interact with them on many different levels. Believers should not become ensnarled with the trappings of the world when salvations is at stake and so much more important.

Galatians 5


Paul explains the freedom that belongs to every believer in this chapter of Galatians. Jesus died to set believers free from rules and laws. The old traditions were just that -- old and the death of Jesus set new laws in motion. The slavery Paul mentions is the bondage to the old way of doing things and to live for God not for selfish purposes. Paul lists the virtues of living by the spirit to include love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. When these qualities live in the believer, they know they are guided by the Holy Spirit.


Galatians' importance lies in the fact the freedom mentioned in Chapter 5 is a gift. The believer can no way earn this. This is wonderful news but it also requires a new way of thinking and approaching life. The law and keeping the law are irrelevant after the death and resurrection of Christ. This knowledge is critical and every believer must not only hear these words but also understand them in their heart. Continuing to believe one must earn God's love is simply incorrect.


Applying Galatians 5 to one's life is crucial because it involves two very important spiritual components. The first component is accepting the fact that believers are free…

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