Black Gospel Music On Worshipping Thesis

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The Black gospel music is an efficient tool that can be used in order to explore the roots of the Black religious culture, social as well as political concerns. This makes it an effective tool for passing messages from the scriptures too.

Miller (2007) explores the debate surrounding the contemporary Christian music. His book presents a look at the contemporary music in the Christian churches with a view of aiding in the understanding:

Why it is best to choose the optimum worship style in the process of helping the public in worshiping truly and in a better way

The ways of evaluating the various music styles to be used by various ministries

The ways of dealing with controversy surrounding the use of music in church should it erupt

A view of how the bible as well as scientific studies, church history and missions can be used in the choosing of the appropriate music for the use in various church ministries across the globe

Problem Statement

The use of music in worship among the Black Americans has been linked to the success of both the musicians themselves in their personal endeavors that are off the altar as well as the success rate in the passing of important messages to their audiences. This is linked to the role of music in bringing people together and in touching emotions of the listeners. An analysis of the role that music plays in the society is necessary so as to understand the real reason why people are so attached to gospel music. Gospel artists have always taken advantage of the Gospel by their use of catchy rhythms that is familiar to the public. Further research that supports the role of music in worship could help various churches and musicians in the passage of important scriptural messages as well as to further decipher the link between music and success in worship.


The purpose of this research study is to determine whether worship that is practiced with the aid of music goes further to pass more information to the listeners and hence leading to greater success in worship as opposed to worship that is practiced without any form of music that is desirable and catchy to the audience/general public.


The use of music in worship aids in a more successful passage of information to the general public as opposed to worshipping without any form of...


The results of the selected studies shall then be described and subsequently statistically calculated in order to summarize the influence that music has on the success of worship activity in African-American churches. A meta analysis design was a choice for this research since it gives one a choice for generalization in the studies involved as well as the ability to reveal various useful patterns in the mixed study data as postulated by Glass et al. (1981).

Data Collection

The results and raw data that will be collected from various published sources in order to compare the degree of success in worship in terms of congregational satisfaction and conveyance of message contained within the catchy worship songs as well as the results obtained from churches that do not include worship songs as part of their proceedings.

Data Analysis.

The data obtained would be analyzed via descriptive as well as parametric statistics. They would then be calculated and then subsequently summarized as appropriate. This would then be followed by a one-tailed t-test having a 0.005 level significance as well as a power of 0.80 calculations in order to determine whether a significant difference exists in the dependent variable (use of worship songs) in African-American churches as compared to the non-use of worship songs in the same category of churches.


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Sources Used in Documents:


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