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Leninger Model The author of this report has been asked to explore and flesh out some question relating to Leninger's Theory of Nursing, which has come to be known as the Cultural Care Diversity and Universality. Among the items to be addressed will be what theoretical framework will best support the philosophy, how the theory compares to organizational behavioral theory and philosophy and so forth. The assertions that will be offered will be given in bullet point format.

As stated in the introduction, Leninger's theory was and is still known as cultural care diversity and universality (Leininger, 1988).

The theory is about three decades old at this point and it has evolved and changed over the years (Leininger, 1988).

The theory was initiated from clinical experiences recognizing that culture, a holistic concept, was the supposed "missing link" as it relates to nursing knowledge and practice (Leininger, 1988).

Leninger advocated the use of a process of concept explication, reformulation and re-synthesis (Leininger, 1988).

The theory-maker holds that cultural care provides the broadest and the most important means to study, explain and help predict...


If there is evidence that the Leninger model is beneficial and effective, it could and should be used in everyday practice and habits of nurses (Leininger, 1988). As far as how this compares to organizational philospophy, it would perhaps be a little narrow to use in all aspects of medical care. For example, using the model for an entire hospital's operations would perhaps not be the best way to do things. However, it could certainly be the focal point of patient care. This would be even truer in a hospital or facility that serves a minority or ethnically diverse area.…

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Leininger, M. (1988). Leininger's Theory of Nursing: Cultural Care Diversity and Universality. Nursing Science Quarterly, 1(4), 152-160.


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