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¶ … Book of Acts give a clear pattern for the proper structure of Church government? Why or why not?

A clear pattern for the proper church governance structure can indeed be derived from the Book of Acts. The structure depicted in the Church of Antioch alone is a sufficient example of how missionaries, teachers, and church elders should be appointed. The church, before even embarking on the mission of choosing its leaders, ought to seek God's guidance through prayer. Appointed church leaders then ought to work together towards the achievement of an organized mission, guided by the same spirit of prayer. The church has to keep its leaders in prayers, just as the church of Antioch (14:23) commended its appointed leaders to God.

The Church of Antioch is a perfect demonstration of diversity-appreciation. Its five leaders were drawn from a wide range of cultural, ethnic, and racial patterns which symbolized unity, togetherness, and oneness in Christ. This appreciation for diversity led the church to grow strong as...


The church draws from the example posted by its leaders; leaders at Antioch showed their appreciation for diversity, and this went a long way in getting the church to embrace diversity, and unity by extension.

The Church of Antioch also demonstrates a leadership that is led by the Holy Spirit and one that seeks the Spirit's guidance in all its undertakings. A Spirit-led leader creates a welcoming environment for God's presence; God visits the church through its leadership. Saul and Barnabas are leaders chosen by the Spirit, and working for Him. This flowed from the leaders to the church, and the Spirit then began to work in individual church members in the way they related with others, and even at a personal level. These are just a few of the examples that…

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