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Preaching that Changes Lives by Mike Fabarez

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Reflection Summary: Preaching that Changes Lives by Mike Fabarez (2005)
Because the weekly sermon is typically the most visible and by far the most common interaction that most congregants have with their church, developing an acute sense of what sermons should communicate and how they should be framed represents an essential need for all who would seek to inspire others and help them change their lives in meaningful ways. This need and how to address it are described and discussed in Mike Fabarez’s text, Preaching that Changes Lives, together with a number of useful empirical observations and insights that can help guide the process. This reflection summary provides a chapter-by-chapter summary of this book followed by a statement concerning what was learned and how this learning is applicable to the author’s life and ministry.
Part I – Rethink Your Task
1. Understand the life-changing power of preaching. As the title…… [Read More]

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The Conditions of the Cluny Foundation Charter

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The work that will be the focus of the monks’ lives, according to the Cluny foundation charter, is the work of the rule of St. Benedict. The monks were to pray, perform “works of mercy toward the poor, the needy, strangers, and pilgrims.”[footnoteRef:1] Who would benefit from it, of course, would be the monks themselves, the Church as a whole, those who would receive the attentions of the monks, as well as William and his wife (who donated the land) and their families. William notes several times that he is donating the land because he is wealthy and it is good for the wealthy to care for others and to give to the Church. He asserts that he is donating it because he wants to reap a portion of the rewards of those monks who, despising the world, are able to give their lives to the everlasting and obtain mercies…… [Read More]


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