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Book Essays (Examples)

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Summer Sun Risin
Words: 2257 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 69181450
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Book Analysis
African-American: SUMMER SUN RISIN'
W. Nikola-Lisa, Author, Don Tate, Illustrator, illus. By Don Tate. 2002.
An Afro-American lad helps his parents to work on their farm, rather leisurely as they enjoy the gradual movement of the sun to dusk. The family creates time for some fun after a long day's work on the farm, including hoeing, milking the cows, tending hedges, among other tasks in the simmering heat of the day's sun.
A summer day is captured by the artistic expression of verses in colloquial and paintings on paper texture. The expression on the characters' faces depicts contentment and confidence. The manipulation of the views may be rather disturbing, but the images will surely capture the audience. The full-bleed works of Tate portrayed advantageously in the horizontal view of the book's format, stretch the expanse of the plains one bit more by portraying the horizon as an unmistakable…

The Goal
Words: 1960 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 16841549
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1 What is the goal?
The goal of the company is to make money—plain and simple. Alex realizes this after Jonah asks him to think about what the goal of the plant is. The goal for Alex, given him by Bill Peach, is to make operations at the production plant profitable in three months time. This is quite a challenge considering the plant has been unprofitable and behind schedule for a good long while. The main challenge, as the author puts it, is not a problem of obtaining new smarts or intelligence, but rather the challenge of drumming up the courage to face the inconsistencies of life dead-on and to not look away from them. This is where the beginning of problem-solving begins to take place. No matter how many models one has or what level of education or what field of education, if one is not willing to look…

The Goal By Eliyahu M.Goldratt and Jeff Cox

The Elements of Character Family Research
Words: 2106 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58453971
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Essay: “The Elements of Character” – Family Research
Proposal Questions
1. Whom do you plan to write about? Why have you chosen this family member?
I plan to write about my elder brother. For purposes of this discussion, I will assign him the name Warren. I have chosen this family member for two major reasons. To begin with, he will be easily and readily accessible for this interview. Secondly, we tend to be really close and I have seen him struggle on various fronts in the past.
2. What do you already know about this person? What do you need to find about him or her?
I know that Warren is often passionate and focused in all the endeavors he sets his sights on. I also know that he is a hard worker and does not often give up on his dreams as long as he is convinced that there…

Cindy Chupack Daters Remorse
Words: 463 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20249553
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Cindy Chupack talks about dating, love and not dating in a hilarious way. She is honest, witty and totally charming in her book (Chupack, 2013). She discusses ‘relationship reruns’ – a point where you sober up and realize that the men you meet are no different from the ones you previously dated. She also talks about ‘relocationships’ – when you have to move place and live in an area you would have never imagined. Just like a post-date phone call late in the night, Dispatches from the Dating Front Lines is quite reassuring. It states, “…you may be single, but not the only one.”
Think of an individual who goes shopping, spends a lot of money and feels excited about the purchases made (Chupack, 2013). Later, the shopper feels guilty and regrets spending so much money on unnecessary things. That is how it goes with a dater’s remorse. Although some…

Chupack, C. (2013). Dispatches from the dating front lines.