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S. is root causes of all of their problems. After they returned, the two were angry and wanted to lash out. (Bodden, 2014) (Feifer, 2014) A major sporting event, was the best way of achieving these objectives. The Boston Marathon was the perfect target. This is because it was open and the security was lax in contrast with others. Second, there were large crowds of spectators and participants. This meant that there would be tremendous amounts of collateral damage. (Bodden, 2014) (Feifer, 2014)

They chose the finish line, as it was the one point with the most publicity it receives and could injure the greatest numbers of people. The plan called for detonating one bomb and then having a second explosion during the rescue. This made first responders and the general public their targets of opportunity. (Bodden, 2014) (Feifer, 2014)

In this case, the Tsarnaev brothers were motivated by what was witnessed in Chechnya when they were younger. Once this arrived in the U.S., is when they...


This helped them to feel a sense of alienation. After their trip to Chechnya, is the point they became radicalized and were determined to the lash out against the U.S. This is revenge for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Bodden, 2014) (Feifer, 2014)

Clearly, the negative perceptions for the Tsarnaev brothers is what encouraged them to conduct the attacks at the Boston Marathon. This is because they became radicalized after a visit to Chechnya and had trouble adapting to their new country. The combination of these factors, helped them to believe that the U.S. was targeting Muslims. To extract revenge, they decided to go after the runners, crowd and anyone attending the event. In this case, they were seen as collateral damage in achieving these larger objectives.

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