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BEC students' team developed a context diagram for a Web-based customer relationship management system, and the project was later named MyBroadway. To provide greater understanding on the requirements of the project, the BEC team analyses various structure of the context diagram, and based on the data flow discovered, the project composes of the movie rental agreement that states the number of movies that a customer is allowed to rent. The interactions of MyBroadway with the Entertainment Tracker database will allow a customer to rent a movie based on the number of movies in the customer's possession.

MyBroadway is the system that interacts with the Entertainment tracker to pass the information to the customer whether a particular movie is available for rent or whether a customer is allowed to rent a movie based on the number of movies in his or her possession. Entertainment tracker interacts with the system to send information on whether a particular movie is available for rent or a customer is allowed to rent a movie based on his or her history.

Movie Rental Request reveals the method the official system is recorded in the database. Through the interaction of MyBroadway with the database, there would be up-to-date information on whether a particular movie is available for rent. After the customer has finished watching the movie, he or she could return it to the nearest BEC store. MyBroadway will update its information after the barcode of the movie has been scanned.

Based on the rate by which a particular movie has been requested by the customers, there are movies that could be marked favorite picks, and they are assigned quality grades such as A, A-, B, and F. When a customer logs in the website, MyBroadway lists the items available for rent, and the information will assist the customer whether he can rent a movie. MyBroadway should also be able to provide the movie suggestions such as title of the movies that a customer might enjoy. (Broadway Entertainment Company Inc.). Based on the scenario, the answers to the case questions are listed below.

Answer to case question 1

The context diagram BEC Figure 7.1 does not represent the complete and an accurate overview of the system described in the case based on the following reason:

First, the information about the employee is included. However, the information about the manager is not included in the BEC Figure 7.1. The BEC store customer relations management system in the fig 7.1 also needs to be changed to MyBroadWay. There is also a need to change Entertainment tracker to Entertainment tracker database to show that an entertainment tracker perform dual functions such as tracking the DVD available in the store as well as keeping the inventory of the movies titles available for rent. The arrow that reveals the method the Entertainment tracker stimulates the transactions is also missing in the context diagram. Finally, the role of the store manager in the overall system is also missing.

The Fig 1 provides a new context diagram as explained in the case.

Fig 1: A New Context Diagram

Transaction Inventory


Inventory Review

Movie Rental

Movie Rental Agreement

Movie Rental Request Rental Status

Movie Suggestions

Movie return

Favorite Picks

Management Reports

Source: Broadway Entertainment Company Inc.

The context diagram needs to be redrawn during the analysis phase because the structure of the system is just part of the system. The whole system needs to be decomposed and there is a need to identify data store inside MyBroadway and fit all the data into the database. In addition, there is a need to specify each primitive process on the lower level DFDs to assist the programmer to build functional information systems. Finally, the data dictionary should provide greater understanding on the data functionality.

Answer to case question 2

Yes, I agree with the data flow because the inflow of the Movie Rental Request data flow to the system is to interact with MyBroadway to know whether the chosen movie is available and could be rented by the customer. Upon receiving the information, MyBroadway interacts with the entertainment tracker for the confirmation that the chosen movie is available for rent. The Movie Rental Status data flow is an outflow from the system because the flow is an interaction with the customer. With the outflow of the Movie Rental Status data flow, the customer will be able to know his status that he or she could rent a movie. When a customer logs in the system, the customer will be able to view the number of items available for rent. The information will assist the customer whether he is able to rent a movie.

Answer to case question 3

It does not make sense...


The store manager needs to appear in the context diagram as a process of data store on a lower level diagram. Based on the description of the diagram, there are external entities missing from the diagram of BEC Figure 7.1.

Answer to case question 4

The context diagram only is not sufficient to reflect data flow for MyBroadway, the Level O-Data Flow Diagram (DFD) is essential to reflect the data flow for MyBroadway. The Fig 2 reveals the level O DFD for MyBroadway.

Fig 2: Level O-Data Flow Diagram (DFD) for MyBroadway

Transaction Inventory


Inventory Review

Movie Rental

Movie Rental Agreement

Movie Rental Request Rental Status

Movie Suggestions

Movie return



Favorite Picks


Formatted Inventory Data

Formatted Data on Movie

Inventory History Report

Movie Available for Rent Management Report

Answer to case question 5

This section reveals the project dictionary for all the Data Stores. The project dictionary is used to structure the system in the orderly manner. To build a project dictionary, a unique name is given to the element for easy identification. For easy identification of the data element, the project dictionary for all the data stores is revealed in the table 1:

Table 1: Project Dictionary for all the Data Stores

Data Stores



Entertainment Tracker


Keep the inventory of the movies title available for rent

Web-based customer relations management system


Interact with the entertainment tracker to determine the movie availability

Inventory file


Store data about product, product sales and record.



Customer is able to rent a movie based on their solid record and the availability of movie for rent.

Store Manager


Produce and manage inventory report.

Movie Employee


Employee assists in the selection of favorite picks by identifying the movie rented for at least 10 years.

Update Movie Ordered


All the movie rented and in the database are updated here

Movie Ordered file

Movie file

The file contains all the movies ordered by the customers.

Update Inventory file

Inventory file

All inventory are automatically updated here

Other items in the project dictionary are as follows:

Data Store: This is where all the data in the system are stored. The data store logically stores file in the database, and the symbol is represented symbol square. The data stores are connected to process and not by external entities.

External Entity: The external entity is represented by the square, and it reveals items outside the system. For example Store manager.

Other data may be hidden inside the process of level-O diagram. The data that I anticipate hidden in the data stores are the customer's information such as the customer's name, address, email, telephone, and other information to identify each customer. Moreover, the customers' method of payments when they request for the movie is also hidden. The invoice sent to the customer is also hidden. The ordering system is also not visible in the data store. Is the customer are to request for a movie by paying uniquely with a credit card? Alternatively, is there any other form of payment that acceptable? These data stores are hidden inside the process because only process being analyzed are displayed.

These data are advised to be hidden because showing all the data in the process will make level O diagrams becoming too complex.

Answer to case question 6

The project dictionary for the all the data flows is revealed in the table 2.

Table 1: Project Dictionary for all the Data Flows

Data Flows



Transaction Stimulation


At the point-of-sale terminal, MyBroadway would make a decision whether a movie was available for rent.

Movie Rental Agreement


The flow defines the number of movies that could be rented simultaneously to customers.

Movie Rental Request


The flow defines whether a movie could be rented to a customer based on the information available in the MyBroadway.

Movie Return


The flow reveals the procedure MyBroadway interacts with the database. MyBroadway updates the information in the system when a customer returns the watched video to the nearest BEC store.

Inventory Review


The flow produces method the customer could search for a movie through the title, artist category, release month and other combinations of…

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Broadway Entertainment Company Inc. (nd), Retrieved 27 July 2011, From the attached file of the BEC Case study.



BEC Store

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