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Promoting Innovation in a Team Environment

Promoting Innovation in a Team Environment

Change and innovation forces in the furniture retail business include the digital revolution. The scope of cheaper computing techniques is moving towards implementation of fundamental dimension on companies due to enabling companies and deployment of computational resources where big firms had major entry barriers. Companies in the furniture business across the world have lower operating costs, increased IT capabilities coupled with improvement of business models and creation of better services and products at lower prices. The second driving force is the use of social media within the society. Digital technology is progressively becoming a significant application within different functions of business, society, and life (Ancona & Bresman, 2013).

Furniture business today is becoming inconceivable in the absence of the internet where countless software tools are used in managing modern enterprises. More people are engaged in social media platforms of Facebook and MySpace for communicating each other. This constitutes trends with an extensive momentum with enormous importance. The third driving force is globalization. Globalization continues to draw all nations into one economic system. Social media are fast allowing people to participate in mediated social systems. In the end, each company's strategy aims at addressing globalized markets that increasing populations participate in business and social communities (Mumford, 2011). The approach also transcends national boundaries. The globalization power and impacts are essential for all companies to understand the future and current impacts and trends to the worldwide. Operations develop through globalization strategies while optimizing the learning opportunities based on exposure to different markets across the world while extending the reach into new customers.

Task 2

The organizational...


The general manager has the responsibility of steering the organization to meet its' initial objectives. Top management has managed to describe processes of planning, organizing, controlling, and leading through intensification of efforts among organization members through all organizational resources for the achievement of stated goals. The management's job includes the control of organizational diversity and time involved in leading, inspiring, and directing people in the firm. The general manager has established, prioritized, and made sure that the financial objectives are attained (Ancona & Bresman, 2013). The policies establish sustainable frameworks for patterns of work, and communications in their scope of financial responsibility. The communication targets, results, and goals are met by all people working and administering arrangements within the area of responsibility. The general manager can beef up the strategy through monitoring, creating, and ensuring that financial budgets are attained. Training will be a critical factor in relation to achieving the organization's financial objectives.

Individuals play active roles in the definition of their training objectives while attempting to match each element with company objectives (Jordan & Lenschow, 2009). The human resource training focus can be placed on the development of people skills and capabilities in tapping externally and internal information. The empowered persons can turn the financial information into more useful organizational knowledge. Leadership, management change and company values and mission have effect on training. The departments intending to attain sustained competitive advantage can help the employees in raising their skills through receipt of continuous training and learning. The new content is important in ensuring quality improvement for the company's services and products.

Task 3

The General Manager can involve staff to create change-focused culture by monitoring outcomes in different ways. The general manager can also achieve this through employee surveys. Most winners influence annual employee satisfaction, opinion, or engagement surveys. The goal is to present feedback from the workplaces. Such surveys facilitate the tracking of employee engagement and satisfaction. The pulse surveys can be used in measuring feedback and gathering perceptions. Winners frequently solicit the input of employees within survey…

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