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They embrace the genius of the and -- and they do not become beholden to a single leader, idea, or product. They still preserve the core organizational values even while trying to stimulate progress and surpass past achievements. In short, consistency is key, consistent alignment with values and image, while changing to shifting needs so the company can still meet those values.

This book, written in the late 1990s, suffers from one critical problem, from the point-of-view of a contemporary reader. Many of the companies built to last in the eyes of the authors more than ten years ago are now


To demonstrate their principles, the authors use so many companies that it is hard to understand what went wrong -- did all of these companies lose sight of their vision, as Collins and Porras no doubt would assert? Presumably the authors have not retracted their book, and said that their book was not built to last, despite its title and despite the failure of some of these companies to continue to thrive? Or has the current market environment become so fluid that no company is built to last, now that employee turnover has reached an all-time high and consumer brand loyalty is at an all time low?

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