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Business & Society

In one paragraph, supported by evidence in your text and from other research, describe two forces that you believe shape the relationship between business and society. Provide two examples (one for each force you choose). Look for flaws and strengths in specific examples and applications.

There are several factors that determine how the business relates to the society. One of these factors is the ever-changing expectations of the society and the ethics Lawrence, Weber, & Post, 2005, pp. 27.

This is what has caused many organizations to adopt corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility, more commonly known as CSR or corporate citizenship, is where the business attempts to understand the community and environment in which it is operating and how its activities are affecting the community and environment and thus it devices strategies to eliminate any negative effects and encourage activities which increase the positive effects. In this way, the company is able to meet the ethical expectations of the community by bringing positive advantage to it. CSR has one negative advantage since it is sometimes used by some businesses to make up or cover certain negative activities. Through the company promoting its CSR activities widely, the public gets blinded on the negative effects the business' activities may be causing. The second factor is the changing regulations imposed by the government and the response of the business towards these changes in regulations Lawrence et al., 2005, pp. 28.

New regulations are introduced every other day and these impact the business and how it operates. Some constrain the business into operating in a certain manner. This has caused businesses to find ways of coercing elected government officials into making regulations that create an enabling effect to the operations of the business Lawrence et al., 2005, pp. 28.

On the positive end, these regulations force businesses to act ethically while on the negative end, there is corruption and favouritism that arises from befriending political leaders.

In one paragraph, supported with evidence from your text and from…

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