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Lesson Plan Amp; Reflection

I didn't know what state you are in so was unable to do state/district standards!

Lesson Plan

Age/Grade Range; Developmental Level(s): 7-8/2nd Grade; Below grade level

Anticipated Lesson Duration: 45 Minutes

Lesson Foundations

Pre-assessment (including cognitive and noncognitive measures): All students are reading below grade level (5-7 months) as measured by standardized assessments and teacher observation

Curricular Focus, Theme, or Subject Area: Reading: Fluency, word recognition, and comprehension

State/District Standards:

Learning Objectives: Students will develop word recognition and comprehension skills and fluency.

Adaptations for ELLs, Students with Special Needs, and/or Struggling Readers: Adaptation for English Learners will include modeling, partnering, pictures, and other strategies as necessary. Pair with competent reader. Modeling, pictures, more hands on learning.

Perspective(s) addressed in this lesson (Interactive, Critical, and/or Response): Interactive: Instruction focuses on monitoring student reading, while developing student skills and strategies to strengthen, accuracy, rate and prosody, word recognition and comprehension.

Texts: None

Other Materials/Technology/Equipment/Resources: Three books: A Pocket Full of Kisses, Diary of a Worm and Insects up close.

Grouping structures (one-on-one, small group, whole class): Small Group (3 students)

Lesson Sequence

Learning Activities

Assessment Opportunities

Introduction/Anticipatory Set:

Introduce the book A Pocket Full of Kisses by Audrey Penn. (We read the sequel The Kissing Hand previously).

...They will orally describe that they see.

Teacher will orally read the book to the students.

Students will orally read the book with a partner.

Group discussion on what the story was about.

Students will draw a picture and write one sentence about their favorite character.

The anticipatory set draws from student's prior knowledge. This draws them into the lesson.

Builds comprehension and vocabulary.

This allows the students to hear the vocabulary and language in the book, and how it should be read with prosody.

Informal assessment

Informal assessment

Building/Applying Knowledge and Skills:

Students will incorporate strategies to decode words and read in context in order to facilitate comprehension.


Students will read their sentence and share their picture with the rest of the group.

Extension/Enrichment/Transfer of Generalization of Knowledge:

Students will make up their own stories based on the characters in the book.


In general I believe the lesson went well. The students were engaged, compliant, and eager to learn. Connecting the lesson with previous reading facilitated interest and instilled confidence in the student's ability to be successful. Each student worked at the appropriate instructional level and demonstrated various degrees of understanding of the learning objectives set forth.

The small group facilitated participation and feedback was available…

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