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The recessionary phases hence create more problems for the women. It is the duty of the governments of countries to cater to this cause and pass laws supporting women's rights and provide them with proper form of protection and equality in the work place as well as outside. The commoditization of women in the business arena where they are used to attract more buyers by advertising a good looking woman has to be stopped and put an end to. The exploitation of women is increasing day by day and they are strongly becoming a part of the casualisation process of the jobs (Maume, 2006).

Quality of the public services

To give the society and the people of the country, a well sustained and developed nation to live in, the first and most integral thing to keep in mind and take care of is the provision of the human rights and their well being which is highly threatened by the casualisation of jobs. This sad phenomenon brought about by the business and economic workings in the world today greatly damages the well being of humans and makes it difficult for them to function in the world and live freely knowing that they will be protected.

Although this is greatly condemned and governments do take action against this, there is little that is actually achieved as yet. The trend of this practice is slowly making its way to other countries and is damaging the future as well as the present of many out there. The recessionary phase destroys the society in a different way but the reality is that these practices exist even in the period of a boom and is to a certain extent unavoidable. Some of this is not even accounted for and some countries are known for these practices and the others take action to ban their products and having any trade dealings with them for the sole reason that they will continue exploiting their man power and labor resources to provide low priced products but they are of no use until the people using them are treated correctly.

This phenomenon was also brought about to a certain extent by the growing trend of privatization of many organizations and businesses by the government. This causes the motives to shift from welfare and provision of the basic rights of the people to profit motives and economic gains. To acquire the maximum profit, the companies obviously want to minimize the costs of production which is where this phenomenon comes in.


To draw upon the practice and to determine the impacts of this practice is quite important and with the growing existence of this phenomenon, it is essential to be aware of its causes, its impacts and how this can be dealt with.

The concept of the casualisation of jobs has already been above along with the impacts of the practice and how far these consequences might go. The important aspect that is now to be considered is what steps and measures need to be taken in order to minimize and gradually eliminate this practice and reestablish the morals and norms which emphasize the need to take care of the human rights and their working space which is a means of their living.

It is true that people work to gain a living out of it and to sustain them but this is a basic necessity of our survival. Hence, this needs to be taken care of and to do that; the governments of all nations need to take strict action against those who exercise these actions. There should be severe sanctions, heavy fines and legal actions taken against those who do not abide by the laws passed by the governments. The companies should take a note of this and include these regulations and rights in the contract that they sign with the employees they hire.

On an ending note, this is an increasing reality and this casualisation greatly undermines the hard work of people and takes advantage of their need to earn money and to lead a healthy life.


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