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Business Model Design Codequest, Inc

Business Model Design for CodeQuest, Inc.

This company deals with video gaming business. It has spotted the market gap that exists in this sector, and the management has invested heavily in it. The managers in this company have for long strived to control the market through dominance. In this paper, the company's five phases of mobilizing, understanding, designing, implementation and management of its activities. The discussion will focus on CodeQuest main activities, its critical success factors, and the key dangers it faces in the industry.

Main activities

The main activities at this company include developing videos for sale to the clients in the industry. They also deal with the production of assorted entertainment products such as the comedy videos for the children as well as making advert videos. The first thing that the management does is to mobilize funds to be used in the production process. They also have to grapple with the issue of mobilizing experts to work with them. This has to involve the understanding of the market and the intrigues of the game productions. The designs made have to involve the taste and preference of the clients. The implementation stage will involve coming up with


It is the role of management to bring together all the other activities to harmony.

Critical Success Factors

Various factors affect the success of CodeQuest. First, the company thrives on the fact that it is one of the few companies of its kind in the market. Therefore, the market share is largely available to the company. In order to secure the available market to itself, the company mobilizes the resources available at its disposal for use. The management understands the market so well that they manage to make run everything in an appropriate manner. Quality designs also sell well for the company. Management in this company implements all the activities on time.

As seen from the nature of engagements with other players, the company has managed to keep partners closer and competitors at bay. The strength that serves this purpose is that the company has managed to distinguish its products from the rest of the market. Customization also serves to score higher on the market scale. For instance, clients of the company can request specific modification to be done on the videos that the demand. This has given the company a unique standing over other players in the market.

Key Dangers

CodeQuest, Inc. is a company built based on providing both video and software services to the willing clients. One of the key dangers that the company is likely to face is that since the business is lucrative, it is likely that more competitors will soon join the market. If…

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