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Piracy Essays (Examples)

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Somalian Pirates The Problem Central
Words: 551 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19848226
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International Community's esponse to Somalian Piracy. To date, the primary response by the international community to maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia has been to employ combined international naval forces to protect commercial shipping (Maritime Piracy and elated Kidnapping for ansom, 2011). In addition, in January 2009, the international community launched a coordinated initiative targeted at stopping pirate attacks in Somali waters called the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (Counter Piracy and Maritime Security, 2011).

The Contact Group currently partners with the following: (a) EUNAVFO Operation Atalanta; (b) Combined Maritime Forces Combined Task Force 151; (c) NATO Operation Ocean Shield; and (d) National Counter-Piracy Missions (China, India, Japan, Malaysia, ussia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Yemen) (Counter Piracy and Maritime Security, 2011). The Contact Group could benefit from further collaborative efforts with the U.S., including the intelligence-sharing efforts described below.

Pursuant to the Piracy off the…


'Background note: Somalia.' 2011. . U.S. Department of State. [online] available: http://

'Counter Piracy and Maritime Security.' 2011. U.S. Department of State. [online] available:


Safety on the High Seas
Words: 1829 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 61591910
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M2d1: Pirates

Pirates off the coasts of Africa and Southeast Asia have put forth the argument that they are merely defending their coastlines from international shipping polluting their coastlines and violating their fishing rights. What do you think of this argument?

Piracy has a negative effect, not simply for the persons suffering from the attack, but also for the residents living in the areas from which the piracy springs. Piracy causes substantial economic losses for the populations in regions where piracy is a way of life. For example, "unlike pirates along Somalia's coast, who are often only after ransom, pirates in West Africa also steal goods, particularly oil. Many attacks end up with crew members injured or killed. But pirate attacks do not only result in killings and injuries, tragic as those are; they also damage the economy. In some cases, affected countries in West Africa have become less concerned…

Pirates vs Modern Day the
Words: 1241 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 27649534
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An even more recent case of piracy, which occurred when a cruise ship was captured off the coast of Somalia, suggests the violence of piracy. Armed security personnel on the cruise ship traded fire with the pirates, who fled. Though no one was hurt, trading gunshots at sea was probably not what the passengers of the cruise ship had in mind when they signed up for the vacation (infield). It would not be surprising if the passengers and crew of the ship were forever scared by this frightening experience. These two incidents show that piracy today is not the piracy of literature; instead, it is a dangerous crime for both perpetrator and victim.

Thus, while pirates have traditionally been the beloved characters of adventures and children's novels, they no longer amuse and entertain us. Instead, they commit crimes that result in death and ruined lives. Because of this, Vandergrift wonders…

Winfield, Nicole. "Italy cruise ship fires on Somali pirates." Google News. 26 April

2009. The Associated Press. 26 April 2009.

In this short news article, the author describes Somali Pirates' attempt to take an Italian cruise ship, which carried around 1500 passengers and crew. The attempt was thwarted when the cruise ship's security guards fired on the pirates. No one was hurt.

Pirate Empowerment the Life of
Words: 2599 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22157605
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He shall have an equal title to the fresh provisions or strong liquors at any time seized, and shall use them at pleasure unless a scarcity may make it necessary for the common good that a retrenchment may be voted.

ARTICLE III - None shall game for money either with dice or cards.

ARTICLE VI - No boy or woman to be allowed amongst them. If any man shall be found seducing any of the latter sex and carrying her to sea in disguise he shall suffer death.

ARTICLE VII - He that shall desert the ship or his quarters in time of battle shall be punished by death or marooning.

ARTICLE VIII - None shall strike another on board the ship, but every man's quarrel shall be ended on shore by sword or pistol in this manner. At the word of command from the quartermaster, each man being previously…

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Music Business
Words: 1500 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25919940
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Music Business


In the face of current economic slowdown, no industry is likely to survive if it sticks with its old business models and refuse to adapt to change. Besides economic problems, there are some other factors, which are forcing corporations to adopt new and better business strategies and discard old ones since they are not producing positive results. These factors include political conditions in the country, global rise in terrorist activities and rapid development of technology, most specifically the Internet. With American households and corporations getting wired at lightening speed, it is only logical to incorporate this technology in a new business model to make business strategies produce desired results.

Apart from technological change, companies are also required to focus more on pricing models. It has been noticed that with consumer spending shrinking, only those corporations that have a viable pricing model are likely to stay afloat.…


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SOPA and Pipa Legislation
Words: 2341 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20029675
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SOPA & PIPA Legislation

File sharing involving copyright infringement began as peer-to-peer operations, sometimes with the involvement of a central server that acts as a search engine. Recently there has been a rise in file sharing where the infringing content is actually stored on the central server, such as the now-defunct Consequently, there is a conflict between the rights of content owners and the rights of ordinary users of the internet. The conflict here is that efforts to eliminate sites that enable online infringing may also eliminate legitimate internet activity. In the fall of 2011 the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) proposals were introduced into the U.S. Congress. Almost certainly, the SOPA and PIPA proposals to go after file sharers go too far in the other direction in violating the free speech rights of individual users and handing the web even more over…


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Role of Technology in Corporate and Social
Words: 2557 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96165638
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ole of Technology in Corporate and Social esponsibility

Insider trading. The insider trading case that has become most prominent is that against aj ajaratnam who ran the hedgefund Galleon Group, and was charged along with his co-defendant, Danielle Chiesi, a former consultant with New Castle Funds, LLC ("Insider Trading," 2010). ajaratnam was convicted of 14 counts of insider trading, which makes this case the largest scheme concocted by a hedge fund ("Insider Trading," 2010). ajaratnam's sentence was 11 years in prison accompanied by a $10 million fine ("Insider Trading," 2010). ajaratnam was part of a "triangle of trust" that functioned as a deliberately corrupt business model in which inside information is fed through networks of experts to traders within various companies ("Insider Trading," 2010). Along with five others, ajaratnam worked with a network of consultants and insiders to net in excess of $20 million between the years 2006 to 2009…


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Technologies Modern Media Has the Ability to
Words: 879 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51595729
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technologies, modern media has the ability to absorb and become influenced by cultures from all around the world. The media of the eastern world, such as in Saudi Arabia and Nigerian have been influenced by the west, particularly the United States of America. Marwan Kraidy's (2009) "Reality Television, Gender, and Authenticity in Saudi Arabia" and Brian Larkin's (2004) "Degraded Images, Distorted Sounds: Nigerian Video and the Infrastructure of Piracy" deal with the westernization of Middle Eastern and African cultures which has been thwarted by the governments of those societies.

Marwan Kraidy (2009) explores the ramifications of a pan-Arab reality show called Star Academy which is broadcast in Saudi Arabia. In that nation, the program caused considerable problems because the political basis on which the Saudi government is run was undermined by the production. Star Academy was obviously influenced by western media, such as the television programs "Pop Idol" and "The…

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Barbary Terror America's 1815 War Against the
Words: 1010 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 12282765
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Barbary Terror: America's 1815 ar against the Pirates of North Africa

During the 19th century, pirates were far from an abstract threat on international seas. Nor was piracy merely due to the actions of some rogue elements. The nations of Algeria, Morocco, Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli used state-sponsored piracy to profit off of ransom money. Sailors who were not ransomed in a system of state-sponsored forced labor. European nations had long taken the attitude that piracy was inevitable, and rather than fight it, they rationalized that "paying Barbary rulers a 'license' for trade was less expensive than constantly convoying ships or attacking the Barbary powers in their heavily fortified ports" (Leiner 14). Remarkably, the still relatively weak and young American nation under the leadership of President James Madison was able to challenge and defeat the Barbary nations at the piracy game. The book The End of Barbary Terror: America's 1815…

Work Cited

Leiner, Frederick. The End of Barbary Terror: America's 1815 War against the Pirates of North

Africa. New York: Oxford University Press, 2007.

Ethics and Technology Illegal Downloads
Words: 2424 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 89169514
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Arguably the deficiencies in processes and technologies throughout the distribution channel enable the unethical sharing of digital property by consumers in the first place. it's as if the incompetence of these channel partners' platforms, either from a website standpoint with the support of DM technologies or the reliance on faulty, often poorly designed DM systems, technologies and techniques create much opportunity to take digital and intellectual property and repurpose it illegally across P2P sites that seek to make all music egalitarian (Lysonski, Durvasula, 2008). it's as if the mid-tier of the distribution channel is leaving the door open wide enough from an intellectual property standpoint to allow for individuals to selectively choose which songs, digital products of all sort, and what platforms they want to repurpose them on (Levin, Dato-on, Manolis, 2007).

When the music distributors, both in the form of traditional forms including music stores selling CDs and non-traditional…


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Comparison of Two Books
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62881597
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Romanticism of Scott's Piracy with the Revolutionary realism of Cooper's Pilot

Great art is not supposed to come from anger or a sense of competition with authors. However, the first great sea tale The Pilot, by the merican author James Fenmore Cooper, was written explicitly out of anger, in reaction to a romanticized account of piracy and sea life. The Pirate by the Scotsman Sir Walter Scott was a romantic account of why men took to sea, out of romantic despair, with little concern for the real damage done to the naval code of conduct and safety as a result of piracy on the waters. Cooper, in contrast, knew intimately the difficulties of fighting military conflict from a navel perspective, and did not see piracy as something to be valorized. Rather than a plot motivated by love, where the sea was a subsidiary motivating force, Cooper resolved to tell a…

According to Robert Neeser, "it was in the course of an after-dinner conversation that the thought of writing a romance of the sea first came to Fennimore Cooper. The table talk had turned on the authorship of the Waverly Novels, which, in 1822, was still a matter of some uncertainty, and on its most recent volume, The Pirate, which had been published in December of the preceding year. The incidents of this story were brought forward as a proof of the thorough familiarity with sea life of the author, whoever he was. But Cooper contended that The Pirate was not the work of a sailor, but that of a landsman. His listeners could not be convinced by his arguments. He therefore determined to convince them by writing "a, sea tale, to show," he said, "what can be done in this way by a sailor." (Neeser, 1917) Rather than talk about the reasons men take to the waters, he would show the gritty reality of life on deck.

Indeed, Cooper was correct. Sir Walter Scott did not draw his inspiration for The Pirate from any events he witnessed at sea. Rather, Scott drew on his memories of a voyage to the Northern Isles in 1814, as guest of a commission inspecting Scotland's lighthouses. He thus drew his chronicled events from myths he heard from those on land, rather than his experiences on the water. He chose to set The Pirate in the seventeenth century in a remote part of the Shetland Islands, rather than on a boat. The pirate of the title, Basil Mertoun, is now conveniently retired. He turned to a life of thievery because of his anger at his wife when she betrayed him, not out of a desire to make a living. Merton lives as a tenant of Magnus Troil on land, with his son Mordaunt, whom he is not certain even belongs to him. (Walter Scott Digital Archive is an Edinburgh University Library, 2004)

Magnus's daughters Minna and Brenda form the main love interests of the tale, and their significance in the plot, such as when Minna is horrified when Cleveland open-heartedly confesses to her that he is a pirate, and Brenda's alliance with Mordaunt also shows how romance, rather than the realities of life at sea drives the plot. In fact, Mordaunt's lack of a corresponding figure in Cooper's subsequent sea tale highlights how issues of great importance to Scott, such as Merton's inability to reconcile himself to his lost

Somalia and Global Terrorism This
Words: 1112 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 85914741
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Because he was inexperienced in handling the bomb, the place was spared from killing the nearly three hundred individuals that were on board.

All these forms of attacks that have come from stated considered weak have brough up great conern for nations around the globe. A lot of people fear that the African country of Somalia might possibly be utilized as a base for fanaticism if an intensive determination is not made to help re- connect peace in the country. For nearly two decades, the people of Somalia do not have a real central government that is functioning and there have been many struggles that are against challenging clans that are inside the nation to gain as a regulator of the nation. n 2007, the slamic Courts Union (CU) put out the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia and then seized control of Mogadishu and its nearby locations. During December…

In spite of all of these efforts that had been made by the nation of Ethiopia and the African Union, Somalia was still going through many challenges that were inhibiting its aptitude to be able to purpose as a country.

One of the biggest obstacles to keeping the nation stabilized is the terrorist organization Al-Shabab, which has remunerated an insurrection that has went against what they recognize as the "western compulsory" TFG of Somalia. Al-Shabab is another terrorist that is believed to be caught up in the connection with Al-Qaeda and both have in common the extreme hatred for a lot of different nations but particularly the United States. In majority of the training camps of Al-Shabab, to show how much they hate the west, bullets from guns are shot at American pictures in stores. Some of the photos are the head of pictures of President Barack Obama which goes on daily. These believe that President Obama and the United States are a really big enemy to them. To show their anger they are always in the process of giving weapons and explosives to train young men to start jihad that is against the TFG and the U.S. And its associates in guard of their faith. Young men all over the world and that includes American citizens are always getting training in these facilities within Somalia. Americans for instance Omar Hammami, aka Abu Mansour Al-Amriki, and the first recognized American suicide bomber Shirwa Ahmed have been recruited by Al-Shabab to join their cause. Their aptitude to employee and train Americans and other residents for jihad all over the world has turned the group into a major threat not just to the United States but furthermore the whole world.

Al-Shabab was initially the brains behind the Somali UIC, which had been overthrown from its power by Ethiopian forces which took place in 2006 organizations. Al-Shabab was able to quickly re-group after the UIC's defeat and became an independent group in 2008. In the years that have followed, Al-Shabab along with Somalia's second biggest terrorist operation

5th Fleet in Bahrain and the U S
Words: 3567 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14930296
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ole of the U.S. 5th fleet" in Bahrain

ole of the U.S. 5th fleet" in Bahrain

foreign aid to Bahrain, where the U.S. Fifth Fleet is centered, constitutes directly to the U.S. Government's aims to maintain safety in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is the only Arab state that has led one of the Coalition Task Forces that move around the Gulf, and has issued to move its flagship in support of the formation counter-piracy mission. As suggested by Edward & Marolda (1998) U.S. aids assists Bahrain, which have no oil wealth of its neighbors, get the training and equipment it requirement to operate alongside U.S. air and naval forces. U.S. military access to Bahrain also uplifts the operations in Iraq,…


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4. Edward J. Marolda and Robert J. Schneller Jr., Shield and Sword: The United States Navy and the Persian Gulf War (Washington, D.C.: Naval Institute Press, 1998), 32-35.

China the Dilemma of a Ethical Practices
Words: 597 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66151842
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The Dilemma of a Ethical Practices and Profitability of Trading with China

China continues to have one of the world's strongest and most resilient economies, achieving a 10.3% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate in 2010 compared to the world average of 4.2% and the United States' 2.9%. U.S. Lawmakers continue to question the $4M in foreign aid that Congressional budgets are requesting for one of the fastest growing economies globally today (Pennington, 2011). Despite the rationalization that this significant amount of investment is necessary for clean energy primary research, the rationalization is weak when compared to the many economic challenges and hardships the U.S. continues to face (Pennington, 2011). As of October, 2011 the cumulative 2011 trade deficit with China is today at $217B, down from a high of $270B earlier in the year. Arguably China could more afford to provide foreign aid to the U.S., not vice…


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Scrutinizing for Bias in Research
Words: 1691 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49984648
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outlaw sea: The lawless sea of today's modern age

The word piracy commonly brings to mind men with peg legs, funny accents, and parrots on their shoulders. However, William Langewiesche's book The Outlaw Sea underlines the fact that piracy is still a way of life for many people even today. The book demonstrates that international waters are just as rife with danger and under-regulated as they were many centuries ago, despite the efforts of numerous nations and international agencies to bring pirates to justice. Piracy might seem to be used purely for economic reasons on its surface but it can also be deployed to fuel and support terrorism. Langewiesche's 2004 book is a clarion cry about the need to do something to address the problem before more lives are lost. However, there is little evidence that the ten years since the book was published have brought forth substantial improvements.



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Piracy attacks rise 14% as Nigerian and Somalian coasts become more dangerous. (2007). ICC.

Marketing Hindi Films in the UK With Respect to the Indian Population There
Words: 7817 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19874446
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viewer ship of Hindi Films with respect to the Non-Asian population in the UK

The Hindi film industry or the 'Bollywood' as it has been referred to have made a significant mark not only in the Indian society, but has had far reaching influence among Indians residing abroad. We shall concentrate on the Hindi films in the UK with respect to the resident Indian population. The United Kingdom alone accounts for about a sizeable Indian population. It is only natural that Bollywood movies find a thriving and a huge revenue generating market in there. Hindi films have made a long standing presence in the British cinema houses for close to about thirty years now. This in itself is a notable achievement. It not only indicates the huge 'desi' presence in the United Kingdom, but also highlights the huge market and enthusiasm for films 'manufactured in bollywood.'

In addition to the…


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IT Policy for Your Company
Words: 3694 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 80663943
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This particular employee is left with less time to perform his professional tasks. This translates into a delay in the project delivery schedule. Additionally, the project delays could generate major customer dissatisfactions, or the breakage of contractual terms, which could easily materialize in more severe organizational losses. Nevertheless, considering that the employee works overtime to reduce the chance of project delays, this time has to be remunerated; virtually, it translates into increased financial costs for the company. Then, the mobile telephone could be used to make quick telephones to competitors and as such sabotage the company's efforts and success chances.

3. Opponents of an IT Policy

Despite the validity of the arguments presented in favor of implementing a strong IT policy, fact remains that there exist also some reasons which make a strong IT policy less favorable within the context of the modern workplace. These are succinctly described below.



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Defoe's Pyrates Images From History
Words: 2162 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44359372
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But you can substitute the myth with the authentic, amazing, wonderful truth. n the end, think the truth would make a far better movie."


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Networked Age
Words: 2665 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13622594
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Public dialog in a network age can cover a lot of topics. The network age is filled with a plethora of varying interests, ideas, subjects, and issues. Some of which relate to privacy, piracy, and even technology. People often forget what an impact the Internet has made in the last couple of decades, even in just 8 years. ANON came into existence, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter came into popularity, and the recent concept of content creators has shaped the way people view and accept media. ith all these innovative ideas that came out, what kind of impression has it left on the public? hat were the origins of some of these topics? And moreover, has the Internet shaped the identity of people in the last decade?

Several events within internet history have made public dialog important. People need to discuss and analyze things in order to fully understand…

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Ethics in Software and Copyright Infringements in the Balkans
Words: 2616 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27468554
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Ethics in Software and Copyright Infringements in the Balkans

The first point one has to look at is the situation in these countries and their position in terms of development as also the size of the potential market. There are a total of eight countries and most of them have been in political turmoil till about ten years ago. These countries are all breakaway portions of other bigger countries, or the soviet empire. The software market is small but there are already participants in it from United States which means that there is a lot of future potential development. On the side of the governments there are definite efforts to legalize the situation of software, though full achievement will take quite sometime. At the same time, there are a lot of conflicts within the big names in the industry -- Microsoft and Linux -- and this is leading to advantages…


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Recording Industry Association of America
Words: 1799 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37179298
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This is because the situational approach reinforces the basic reality that all humans have certain need whose degree varies across geography, size of company and even culture. This type of approach would enable the leader to undergo self-actualization and to develop a set of certain underpinned self-awareness. What follows is a good level of self-awareness and then mutual respect,. A high spirit of participation and democracy soon permeates. These elements are crucial for a leader in order for him/she to develop an effective organization (McGregor:1960).

The second recommendation relates to the change of leadership style at IAA to become one that is based on the motivation (Frederick Herzberg 1960).The motivational factors that are utilized are essential for the members of an organization in order to achieve a n acceptable level of job satisfaction and advancement. This can be achieved through the use of properly formulated company policies and administration. The…


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Ethics of Computing
Words: 6467 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8503701
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Copyright Infringement & the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998

This paper looks into the issues of copyright infringement and circumvention of technology with reference to Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. The author of this paper has carefully studied the law in question and has focused on various issues connected with this legislation. DMCA is a highly controversial law that has been staunchly opposed and actively supported by different section of the public and it has managed to attract great deal of media attention because of various lawsuits that emerged in this connection. The paper looks into some important Court cases for impartial and objective study of the law.



There has been a long-standing debate on the issue of freedom of speech in the United States. While the Constitution of the country explicitly grants American citizens the right to share information…


Chris Taylor/San Francisco, Throwing The E-Book At Him A programmer is prosecuted for enabling users to break the security in reader software., Time, 08-20-2001, pp. 62+

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Shutdown of Napster
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For few years, was every music lover's favorite site. This was where they could do download their favorite music and share MP3 files with other online users. Napster Inc. was the brainchild of a college dropout Shawn Fanning. Being highly ingenious, he utilized his computer skills to develop a file sharing software and named it Napster. This software enabled users to share music files with each other and thus for sometime they were glad to have found an economical way of listening to their favorite songs. Little did they know that this file sharing would lead to a major lawsuit against Napster, which would result in the closure of the company. Napster was nothing but great software, which made use of compression technique known as MP3, facilitating economical transfer of music files from one computer to another.

The problem arose when groups like Metallica, Dr. Dre…


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Case Study: MP3 Downloading and Napster:

Human Aspects in Cyber and IT Security
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Human Aspects in IT and Cybersecurity

An innovation in IT (information Technology) has revolutionized the method organizations store, record and retrieve information. Moreover, a large percentage of business organizations has taken the advantages internet technology to offer their businesses online where customer's data such as credit cards, SSN (social security number), tax information, and other personal information are recorded in the organizational databases. A major benefit that internet technology offers to organizations is that it assists businesses to transact businesses globally without establishing entities in other countries. The strategy has assisted organizations to achieve competitive market advantages. Despite the benefits associated with IT, businesses face the ethical implications in business transactions because they are faced with a hacking dilemma.

The primary goal of ethics is to promote ethical practices that will enhance availability, confidentiality, and integrity of organizational informational resources. To achieve this objective, employees are to demonstrate a highest…

Resources Management Association.

Whitman, M.E. & Mattord, H.J. (2014). Principles of Information Security. New York. Cengage Learning.

Jeffrey R Young 2008 in
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Edward MacCoyd, for example, the director of digital policy for the Association of American Publishers, is "troubled" by the "striking" findings. His company regards the problem as so serious that they hired the law firm Covington & Burling to search for sites offering pirated textbooks and send requests to remove the content.

According to the firm's officials, and notably Peter Anaman, substantiates the general consensus regarding the seriousness of the problem. Although only a small percentage of the student sample have declared their success in downloading pirated books, Covington & Burling find thousands of sites per month that offer illegal material to students and any other interested parties.

Young (2008) also notes that the company Audible Magic is a sign of the increasing significance of the piracy problem. Audible magic manufactures software for the purpose of identifying illegal file sharing particularly on campuses. The newest version of the software includes…

In conclusion, it is clear that textbook piracy is becoming a significant legal and ethical student issue. The rapid development of technology has made it easy for students to use illegitimate material without any recrimination. Hopefully more software such as that developed by Audible Magic will, if not entirely eliminate, then at least curb the problem experienced by so many campuses.


Young, Jeffrey R. (2008, Sept.). Downloading Pirated Textbooks Becomes Commonplace on Campuses. The Chronicle of Higher Education: Information Technology.

MP3 Players Industry Brief History
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The initial MP3 founders backed by the open source model coded the MP3 software that speeded up the recognition of the MP3 audio format. (Behind the Files: History of MP3) at the time of writing the code for MP3 format, an array of compression intensities can be programmed. To take an example, an MP3 made with 128 Kbit compression intensity will have enhanced sound reproduction quality and bigger file size compared to a 56 Kbit compression, hence indicating that lesser the compression intensity, the lesser the reproduction of sound quality. (What is MP3, How does it work, what is (MPEG)

This accounts for growing acceptance of the MP3 format music files with the Internet devoted music enthusiasts since it is the perfect medium for receiving music files through the Internet compared to WAV/AIFF files with takes much longer time to get downloaded. (What is MP3, How does it work, what…


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IP Law Software
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Abandoned Software

That most people do not "have the facts" about copyrights should surprise nobody. Let's be real here -- copyright law is complex, often vague or nuanced, and there are multiple different copyright regimes. No reasonable person would believe in this 24-hour rule, but there should be zero expectation that anybody other than copyright lawyers would have a firm grasp of copyright law.

That people do not know about copyright law by no means is the driving factor for unauthorized copyright usage -- let's dispense with the childish, loaded word "piracy." We're talking about people who are using software, not hijacking, raping and murdering it. The Moores and Esichaikul (2010) highlights a couple of things that are worth considering in this discussion. First, they note that people like to share software, and that this sharing is a far more common occurrence than, say, people who would violate most other…


Asongu, S. (2014). Fighting software piracy: Which IPRs laws matter in Africa? Institutions and Economies. Vol. 6 (2) 1-26.

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Bollywood it Is Believed That
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It has made joint ventures with Hollywood that have done quite well at the box office. The Indian movies are not only seen in India, but the industry has also made arrangements for showcasing their productions at International platforms, as these movies are dubbed and on aired in many other languages all over the world. In the past, most of the movies that were produced in India were Masala movies with no solid plot and mere glitz and glamor. However, now since these movies are sold all over the world and shown in cinemas throughout the world, the approach of the producers and directors is now changing. Keeping in view the demand of realism from the audience, the directors and producers now try to come up with a plot that is close to reality and something that the people can actually relate to. For example, the film called Slumdog Millionaire…


Anonymous. BW Help: What is Bollywood? Bollywood World, 2010.

Grant, Andrew. What is Bollywood?, 2013.

Hoad, Phil. Will Hollywood ever conquer Bollywood? The Guardian, 2012.

Kapoor, Kritika. Not just India, Bollywood faces heat abroad too. TNN, 2012.

Technology Has Corrupted Society as
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Civil penalties, if pursued by an organization such as the IAA, can range from a minimum of $750 per song to thousands of dollars per song. Due to the civil lawsuits filed by the IAA, piracy awareness rose from 35% to 72%. The IAA has since stopped its broad-based end user litigation program [IAA 2010].

The Internet has also facilitated the disturbing trend of cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment. Attempts to curb cyber-harassment may prove difficult as "cyber-bullies" may be anonymous and therefore, difficult to identify. In "Cyber-Bullying in Schools: A esearch for Gender Differences," Qing Li states that school violence is a serious social problem that is persistent and acute during middle school [LI 2006]. Cyber-bullying, as defined by Tanya Beran and Qing Li in "Cyber Harassment: A New Method for an Old Behavior," is defined as "the repeated and intentional use of various forms of technology such as cell-phones, pagers,…

Reference List

BERAN T., LI Q. 2005 Cyber-Harassment: A Study of a New Method for an Old Behavior


CYBERBULLING RESEARCH CENTER 2010 Accessed 3 December 2010

Midwest Research a Music Downloading
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Vargas outlines a broader pattern in the consumer world which informs the proposal here, indicating that there is a splintering of all marketplaces between online and retail outlets which is changing the way that the latter must conduct business. These are ideas that direct the strategy here suggested for Midwest University.

Accordingly, key terms which will be considered in the proposal are those of 'file-sharing,' 'intellectual property,' and 'online piracy.' In the current online file-sharing context, everyday university students have essentially become bootleggers, according to legal research and assertion by both the music industry and the United States Congress. These are sources which appear to favor the music industry institutions, but in actuality, take a narrow perspective that is damaging to compromise for all parties. The program proposed here will be informed by a desire to overcome this hindrance to cooperation through a carefully constructed mediation whereby the university determines…


Borland, J. (April 9, 2003). Music Industry: Piracy is choking sales. CNET News. Online at .

Vargas, M. (2005). Cyberspace vs. Parking Mall Space. About the Retail Industry. Online at

U S Trade With Russia the
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The European country continues to negotiate numerous terms of agreements with the global organizations and is increasing its efforts to align its technologies to those required in the international context.

Another impediment in the path to successful trade between the United States of America and ussia is given by the rampant legislature. Take for instance the case of an American entrepreneur who would like to open a new business subsidy in Moscow and conduct import and export operations. He would have to go through an estimated number of 20 to 30 governmental agencies and acquire somewhere between 50 and 90 licenses.

A following reason for the tense relationships between the countries is revealed by different approaches in financial regulations. Whereas the United States promote an open circulation of capital, the officials at Kremlin deny it. As a consequence, ussian entrepreneurs have limited access to funding and investments on both national…


Dinmore, G., U.S. And Russia Miss Deadline on Trade, Financial Times, 30 October, 2006

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The World Factbook, Central Intelligence Agency, 2008, accessed on April 4, 2008

Background Note: Russia, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, U.S. Department of State, 2007, /r/pa/ei/bgn/3183.html. Ast accessed on April 4, 2008

Online Gaming
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Online Gaming

Although video games began to attract players around forty years ago, technological advances in the last ten years made gaming especially popular. The use of sophisticated auditory and visual characteristics, the ability to multi-play online, incorporation of color-rich graphics, and the increased speed have changed the gaming industry dramatically in the last decade (Sublette & Mullan, 2012). Online gaming has built its own virtual world where players possess virtual property, buy and sell, steal, fraud, and protect their intellectual property -- to name but a few of their regular activities besides gaming. These features raise a number of questions with regards to criminal justice system. How to regulate transactions in the virtual world is a nascent issue in the courts, sometimes lawyers being unable to draw clear lines because of the nature of online gaming.

Online gaming's unique feature is that it allows players from different corners of…


Kane, S.F. (2009) Virtual judgment: legal implications of online gaming. IEEE Security & Privacy, 7(3): 23-28.

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Transportation Attention Because I Do Not Have
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(Attention: Because I do not have the full citation information for the 3 articles provided, I have referred to them as follows in the text. Powerpoint, Japan PDF and Carbon PDF. You will need to insert the correct citation and add a Works Cited page, if that is required.)

As the global supply chain evolves and matures, there are several considerations to take into account in the areas of transportation and distribution. The global economy is in full swing, and exports are outpaced world GDP significantly. This high demand food goods has resulted in an increased need for more international shipping options, especially maritime transport -- moving materials by ship. Changing to a more international system is not without consequences, however, including the quite serious possibilities of piracy, terrorism and a substantial negative effect on the environment. For managers in charge of logistics and supply chain management, the "right…

Compulsory Licensing of Patents
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Compulsory Licensing of Patents

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the causes and affects of the compulsory licensing of pharmaceutical products. Initially, the paper highlights the fundamental positions, attitude, inclination and concerns of the developed world and the under developed world with regard to the intellectual property rights of the pharmaceutical products. The paper also concentrates on the subject of the intellectual property rights of the biotechnology products (plants); this is because plants are the major source of almost all pharmaceutical products being used today. Furthermore, it is a matter of fact that the patentability of plants has been given a lot of attention by the developed world, in particular United States of America, as well as, the developing World. The paper also exposes the priorities of both the developed world and the under developed world, priorities that have been a major hurdle in all previous negotiations on…


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