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Business report compares the two Australian service providers where by various aspects are critically looked at in respect to the design elements of a retail store environment. The elements are categorized into exterior facilities, general interior, store layout, interior displays and the social dimensions. Each of these design elements are categorically looked into differently taking into account the services being offered by the two chosen service providers namely Fadez Barbershop and Gloria Jean's Coffees.

The two chosen service providers are unique in their own way having been selected from different industries. Various design elements in comparison with the Russell's Model of affect are discussed and how they relate in different ways. Russell's model of affect talks about the various arousal levels that the consumers achieve when in contact with the mentioned design elements of a retail store environment, the interpretations and the impact they have that affects the buying decisions among themselves.


This business report is based on two service providers in Australia. Taking into consideration the physical aspect of the businesses and the impact the appearances have on their clients, various elements have been critically looked into to establish what can be done to improve on their services and to increase their customer base.

Business establishments have different models and outlook depending on their designs which enhances easy flow of work and enabling environment that makes one business premise to be the most preferred by consumers. Various factors therefore have to be taken into consideration when one decides on what colours to use in their businesses as culture among other factors are key components to be carefully integrated into ones choice of colours and the environment where a business is to be situated. Every business has a target market in terms of age or a group, and a niche has to be established, it is for this reason that tastes and preferences have to be researched in advance so as to comply with the latest trends that the market has to offer if ones business is to remain relevant in the stiff and competitive market which is ever dynamic and to satisfy the identified niche.

The two chosen service providers based in Australia namely; Gloria Jean's Coffees and Fadez Barber Shop have been used to act as examples whereas the same ideologies can be replicated in several others in different ways. Different service elements have been looked at and they are compared to the Russell's Model of affect and establish how they relate. Various color schemes have been discussed in the two chosen service providers to establish their relevance in the two businesses in order to narrow the scope of the research. The two providers are from two different industries and serve different needs in the market.

Gloria Jean's Coffees is one of the top coffee retailers around the world and is considered one of the fastest growing franchise organizations in Australia with its origin from the United States of America in Chicago in 1979 (Gloria Jean's Coffees International, 2012).

Fadez men barbershop is one of the most fashionable shops that have a unique look from the exteriors and one might think that it is more of a clothing store than a barbershop. It offers more than a mere haircut and offers their customers a shopping experience with fashionable wears in their stores that keep their waiting customers occupied. Fadez Barber shop is associated with the sports celebrities in Australia and it attracts a large clientele base who would want to be associated with the celebrities and getting the same haircuts to match their sport icons (Adam W. 2011).

A good business enterprise takes into consideration all the design elements and puts the best at display if the intention of carrying out the business is long-term. The general physical outlay of any business environment is the most important factor to be considered by any operator. The dimensions are categorized into different parts where each section is applicable and has an impact on how the message is passed on to the intended clients. Different individuals subject to their own personal experiences...


There are certain aspects of emotions to the environment which are perceived to be common among people from different cultures while others are culture specific or are used by people from a specific region (Maria Lewicka Et al, 1989).

Human beings' conscious and unconscious perceptions and their interpretations have an impact on how they feel about a particular environment. Those feelings or thought are what determine the behavior in human beings which determines whether they develop a liking towards a service being offered or get the same service being offered elsewhere by a different operator in the same industry other factors remaining constant. In referring to Rusell Model of affect, individuals' emotional response to the environment are in two forms namely; pleasure and arousal. In explaining pleasure, this is the extent in which an individual like or dislikes particular environment.

Certain features or colours or general office outlay may derive pleasure which can be related to the ambiance brought about by different themes which are expressed through the use of color and the environment in general. Arousal on the other hand can be best described in terms of the degree of the information load, it varies in surprises or the unexpected and the complexities involved (Jochen Wirtz, 1994).

In simple terms environments which generally look pleasant tend to attract many and the catch is it results into approach unlike the unpleasant environments which are generally avoided by the majority. Arousal which is positive works as a catalyst of the basic effect on behavior. When an environment is considered to be pleasant the stimuli it brings can be reflected in the positive response from the consumers in trying to get the services on offer. Unpleasant conditions tend to drive away the consumers which in broader terms can result into a loss of consumer loyalty which takes time and costly to build and maintain and regain in cases where the loyalty has been lost.

There are many different dimensions of service environment which are considered as complex with some of the main ones being; the ambient conditions which have several factors including music, color and Scent. Musically the tempo and volume of music and the choice of music have different arousal levels, high volumes and fast tempos increase the level of arousal. In terms of colours, different themes have different arousal levels; colours which are considered cool have reduced arousal levels and are associated with calmness and peacefulness. The choice of cool colours has such an interpretation on the consumers which might alter the patterns of where they seek the services on offer especially when their state of mind requires calmness and a peaceful environment, when such categories of consumers are not catered for then they may not like the services on offer as such an environment will not be conducive for their satisfaction.

Warm colors portray elated mood states which are considered to raise arousal levels and create a state of anxiety; this may as well turn away consumers if the colours are not well balanced. Scents also have an impact on the behavior of the consumers; different degrees of scents within the working environment can be offensive to the consumers. Different scents are used in different environments where as others can be used in almost all the environments as they are welcoming and are not offensive. People react differently to such stimulus thus scents should be carefully chosen subject to the type of environment where they are being used in order not to turn away consumers or subject workers to work under conditions which might reduce or have a negative impact on their general productivity levels which might trickle down to their level of service and contacts with the consumers who are seeking their services within the premises causing a negative impression on the consumers which might affect the total number of sales or volumes due to the reduced number of clients as a result of poor service delivery (Author stream, 2012).

Taking into consideration the two chosen service providers, they have two distinctive color themes which represent what they intend their clients to perceive them to be. Different individuals when subjected to the same environment will feel differently depending on their tastes and preferences. Fadez Barbershop for instance has the color theme black which it associates with the top performing Australian rugby sports. Among its many clients it is a superior color that is perceived to be the main force behind the Australian rugby teams excellence. Fadez barber shop has its own uniqueness using the black color making it distinct from the surrounding outlets making it go noticeable by all people who pass by. It plays arrange of good music to keep its customers entertained as they wait for the services being offered or as they go about browsing the clothing lines on offer among other…

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