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Business Expansion and Sustainability

Taking in consideration the hiring process situation at the firm, certain concerns should be addressed for attaining business growth as well as successfully running the firm.

Job Requirements and its impact on organization

Certain number of things should be considered before determining the job description and its effect on the hiring process in an organization in this situation. First and foremost, the employer must decide the job description at hand. What does the individual's job consists of? What's the skills and qualification required? Then the most effective recruitment process to appeal to the competent candidates. Should it be in a newspaper ad? Ad's on the internet? Hiring from schools? It's imperative to look for competent candidates in multitude of places and from number of sources as well (Recruitment Strategies, n.d.).

Before taking the consequent step, the tasks at hand must be scrutinized and information pertaining the position must be accumulated. The nature of activities employees are engaged with? The skills are required to meet the job description successfully? What are the qualifications and training required for this job? Hence this short line of action will help build a solid idea of the job description; employer has for the candidate (Recruitment Strategies, n.d.).

After the tasks associated with job description has been settled, the next step is to determine the following:

Personality composition



One needs to be realistic. There's no need to be personally biased towards job description. It will limit the amount of candidates in the interview process (Recruitment Strategies, n.d.).

The recommendations given below should be fooled to the letter to ensure that the job description in this situation is finalized so that the hiring process remains a productive one whilst the candidates appearing are the relevant ones:

Explain the job description in some sentences

Jot down the important tasks needed to be performed. Action words must be used to explain the tasks

Include the method the task should be completed

Indicate the qualification and experienced required. Also mention different arrays of experience and qualification to pool a wide variety of candidates (Recruitment Strategies, n.d.).

The requirements of the job must be clearly indicated so that candidates should know what's important in this job:

Skills: The skill the candidate is needed for? Computers? Drafting? Machinery? Technical work? Statistics? Other skills?

Work experience: What kind of work experience is needed in this job description?

Physical strength: Does the job consist of menial labor of actual lifting? Is it a daily part of the job or occurs occasionally?

Intelligence: Does the job involve complex problem solving or thinking on one's feet? For such jobs, you can require candidates to report their scores on standardized intelligence tests.

Communication skills: Mention the communication skills necessary (composing professional documents, working with supervisors, handling staff at job and customer dealing).

Accuracy of work: In case the job needs attention to detail, mention the kind of detail work in question.

Stress management: If the job description consists of working under pressure, then mention the kind of pressure involved such as nonstop sessions, tough work conditions and daily deadlines.

Introversion or extroversion: Extrovert people are required for sales jobs and customer dealing jobs. In any case otherwise, when outside contact is less needed, introvert people must be hired.

Other skills: Fluency in other languages, the will to travel, being available on weekends, being able to work overtime when needed etc. (Recruitment Strategies, n.d.).

Recruitment Plan

Hiring is a process of furnishing a list of competent and able candidates applying in a firm for a job. The candidates with the relevant work experience and skills would be short listed for the job in the end. The primary aim is to select at low cost, a vast quantity of candidates who meets the job description of the company.

The company will use certain forms of evaluation, identification and short list candidates for the position (Louw, 2013). As Richardson (n.d.) puts, a competent hiring consists of a bunch of process such as:


Shaping a policy on retention and recruitment and system which favors the policy


Predicting the current and future human resource job requirements of the company. For the activity to be productive, compile a list of job requirements for all jobs and facilitate further sub-divisions where necessary.


Detecting and eyeing out the competent human resource pool at large in the firm and outside the firm


Analyze the job and evaluate its individual aspects and estimate its fair worth


Evaluate the qualifications necessary for carrying out the job description whilst keeping in mind the necessary experience, knowledge, abilities and skills.


The firm's capacity to pay the promised salary and benefits within a designed period of time.




It's important to remember that different sort of ads exist and their usage matters as well. For instance, a person who isn't currently looking for employment won't be reading a newspaper; hence he should be reached by radio and television. Apart from that, the cases where more information was furnished about the job description had more applications than the ads that contained restricted information which had a less turnout. Research has concluded that job advertisements that contain detailed description about a particular job raised more interest and applications and resulted in better hiring for the firm (Breaugh, 2008).The other forms of communication methods for placing job ads is by internet, print media and electronic media. Other forms also consist of:

Personal contacts

Walk in •

Career fair

Recruitment agencies

Newspaper ads

Postal mail to relevant candidates (Louw, 2013)

By employing these avenues of social media, job portal and campus hiring, the firm stands to attain capable candidates whilst saving its costs. The firm will grow when it have the right workforce to work along (Sinha & Thaly, 2013).

Selection Process

In this situation, the selection method primarily focuses on two aspects. One aspect is the rewards that come along with the job suiting the person's needs. The second aspect deals with the candidates' abilities, skills and work experience in relation to the job. If there is a conflict between these two aspects, then the individual will start feeling uncomfortable with the firm (Louw, 2013).

The selection criteria for the jobs should address the following points:

Good interpersonal skills for forging bonds and alliances

Having the ability of being a problem solver

The criteria for selection for the job should tackle these aspects:

Vocal communication skills

Dedicated to clients and their service

Having drive, motivation and achieves results

All the candidates will be contrasted to each other and one will be selected who best meets the requirements from the massive pool of candidates. The ideal candidates will fit all requirements for the job. In the absence of skills, experience, qualification and knowledge, the candidate won't be able to meet the job description. In case, candidates don't then they aren't eligible for the job interview as well (Flinders University, n.d.)

Assessment Methods

The various methods for assessment for usage during the selection process can consist of:


Tests (psychometric or practical)

Role plays

Team exercises

The interview will entail twofold aims. The first is to test if the candidate is suitable for employment and the other is to inform him about the firm and the job description. All the candidates should be treated equally and given fair opportunities to give a shining demo, show their relevance and ask any questions from the employer (Acas, 2010).

For jobs which require practical skills, one may need a test of skills beforehand at the interview table. This is feasible for word processing test and manual tests, but less productive for administrative and clerical posts. Telephone skills are becoming popular and in demand these days, hence the applicants will be asked to undergo a demo first. All the tests will be unbiased and focus on competency (Acas, 2010). Apart from that, there are multiple tests freely available for testing an individual's




Problem solving

Decision making

Interpersonal skills


But these tests shouldn't be relied as a single decider of the candidate (Acas, 2010).In case of assessment procedures, telephone interviews, evaluation centers and online tests can be made use of. Since the technology has advanced a lot now, firms can make use of computer tests and other multimedia tests along the way (Louw, 2013).

Job Predictors (KSAO's)

The pointers that ensure that candidates have the proper knowledge pertaining the job at hand and issues arising along the way whilst understanding operational systems and procedures, accounting, staffing, logistics and budget rules, engineering methods and practices as well as business methods and administrative practices.

The candidate should be an expert at handing machinery, expert in information technology, tackling accounts; handling subordinates and…

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