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Business Writing Evaluation

Gill Jackson

Re: Complaint Review

Thank you very much for giving me the chance to clear my position and put forward my point-of-view about the situation in a better way. Working for the one of the best companies in the industry often seems to be challenging. There are often chances that miscommunication might occur. However it should also be noted that such mishaps reflect that business is growing and number of clients are increasing day by day. Well this was the positive side of the problem which occurred few days back.

As far as the communication with my boss is concerned, both of us have realized that the fact that in order to contribute towards the overall productivity of the organization we have to sit together and work on those points in which we are lagging behind. Blame games can not improve the situation and therefore I and Mr. Hall should look forward to serve the clients like Ms. Fitz and others in a better way. I think that if I could have called my boss after mailing my queries and confirmed that whether he has checked my email or not then the things would have been quite different. Although it has created some problems for Ms. Fitz however I can assure you that this is the last case of miss-communication in our department and we have already started to work towards the betterment of vertical as well as horizontal communication in the department. The department is trying its level best to make some reforms so that no other client in the future could face the problems which were faced by our valuable client like Ms. Fitz.

I hope that I have presented the case in the better way so that it can also help the top management of the organization to have some insights about the things going on in the organization. With the collective effort of Mr. Hall and myself I ensure that such things will not be going to happen in future.

Task 2

From: "Alan"

To: "Coot"

CC: "Bob"

Subject: Re: Questions for Management

First of all I am very pleased that the employees of our company are taking the work in such as serious way that each one of them is trying to bring forth his or her ideas in order to complete the tasks efficiently and effectively. Conflicts are the part of life and they can not just stop where there are so many people who have to interact with one another. However conflicts can not be considered as a productive way of carrying out the work activities therefore employees should try to minimize it.

I would like to say that being a supervisor my first preference is to get the job done efficiently and effectively and it can only be achieved when employees of the team could work collectively in order to accomplish the desired goals. The senior members of the organization are the backbone of what ever we have achieved so far. We assume that these are the people who have such capabilities which they should also transfer to the young employees of our organization. Senior and junior employees of the organization should realize that if they will not be able to work collectively as a team then it will harm the organization which will eventually affect the well being of every employee no matter he is a senior or junior employee.

Junior employees of the organization should also realize that they are our future and they have to respect the ideas which are given to them by their seniors. Seniors should also try to groom these young employees whether they have any conflict of opinion with them or not. Seniors are welcomed to use their experience however they should also impart the knowledge of the junior members of the team so that no group of the team get the expression that they are just the free riders of the group. Therefore I believe that no one can work in the isolation in such nature of job therefore it is beneficial for both the segments of the employees to work collectively otherwise it is going to harm the financial numbers of the organization which will ultimately damage the employees career regardless of whether he is…

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