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After less than two months, I have seen some noticeable differences: I have more energy during the day, I sleep better at night, I can concentrate more fully and my stamina has improved. I know that working for the CBSA can be a physically-demanding job, but I am confident that I will be able to handle the exertion and stress that comes with it. I handle stress well: exercise is a great way for me to fend it off, and I also practise meditation and deep breathing. One of my biggest frustrations is when I feel that I should know something that I can't remember, thus my commitment to learning more about border security and the laws that govern it. This preparation will benefit me both on and off the job, and will allow me to make a greater contribution to the CBSA. My interest in becoming an agent for the CBSA goes beyond just having a career in border security. To me, becoming a part of the team will be an accomplishment in and of itself. Just knowing that I was able to overcome the physical and mental requirements to be hired is something that I know I will feel great pride in, and this pride will stay with me through my career. There are not many jobs where one can wake up everyday and go to protect and help his or her fellow Canadians. Though I fully realize that not every day will be easy or fun, I know that as a CBSA employee, I will never stop learning about the job or myself,...


I am convinced that my positive attitude and diligent work ethic will be a strong addition to the team, and I hope to refine my skills and knowledge, especially during the first few years, so that I may be able to take on a leadership role within CBSA down the road. I would be happy to spend my entire career in law enforcement; the transferrable skills I receive from my border security will be just as useful in a public policing or Coast Guard role, and I will be able to continue to serve and protect Canadians no matter what government organization I end up in.
Ultimately, that's what matters most to me: being able to wake up each morning knowing that I'm doing something I enjoy, and to go home every night knowing that I was able to make a difference and help keep the country safe. With my strong volunteer experience, which has given me patience and perspective; my dedication to lifelong learning and growth, which will constantly advance my ability to do my job; and my interest in joining and staying with the CBSA, I know that I will be a valuable addition to the team, and that it will be a job I wholeheartedly enjoy, both now and for many years to come.

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