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In Eric Borden's case, his knowledge of the industry and of the developments that occur on this segment recommends him either for the research and development department or for marketing, since he would be able to ensure that the marketing strategy that the company has is in line with what occurs on the markets. From that perspective, his salary structure could be changed so as to ensure that he receive an increased base salary rather than the sales bonus program he receives now.

In the case of Ving Hsu, his financial package needs to be adjusted, because he currently works as a sales representative, but receives only the base salary, although he is eligible for the sales bonus. However, it seems that much of his activity is focused on training his customers on how to use the products rather than on increasing his volume of sales. A more relevant measure of his performance in this case would be customer retention, the number of clients he manages to keep after a certain period of time. An additional measure of feedback on his performance would be to have interviews with his customers and see what their feedback is on his performance.

It would be interesting to approach with Ving Hsu the possibility of him coordinating the entire training effort throughout the company. It is apparent that his skills are directed in that sense and it would be a good idea to use them. Ving Hsu could translate his performers as a trainer within the company and ensure the development of other employees in their career.

With Terry Garcia, it also seems that she may be better fit for a role in the training process within the company. She is a former teacher, which means that she would be able to teach employees just as well as she taught the high school students. At the same time, it is obvious that the teaching job has increased her capacity to communicate and her educational abilities overall. With that, she would be a perfect pick to work as a trainer in the company.

As an overview of the career plan management, all of the employees are performing well in their current positions and have the required skills to have results. However, the study has shown that some of these employees would be better suited for different positions within the organization, as their set of skills recommends them. For example, some of the sales representatives, despite their excellent communication skills and general performance, are better fitted for a training position with the company, which would also imply that their base salary would change, along with the entire financial package structure (no sale bonus, but a higher salary, including, perhaps, stock participation for the elderly employees).

Some have already reached a position in the company that recommends them for an upper management task. This is the case of Jim Martin, who is fully qualified to participate in the strategic development of the company in the future. His career should develop in that direction, which would mean that his training should now be focused in that sense, including through new leadership classes and general economics training.

On the other hand, the training should also focus on developing new skills for all employees, as this could be useful in the future for the company's human…

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