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I think that there any many opportunities. There is a lack of quality managerial-level staff across the hospitality industry. This will create job openings that I can exploit. In addition, I believe that there is room for innovative thinkers in this role, since most hotel managers seem to have low creativity. There are threats, however. At present, there is overcapacity in the industry, which could result in consolidation and cuts, reducing my future career development prospects. In addition, there are a number of other people who likely see the same career niche that I do. They will compete with me for employment through my career.

The industry is generally strong. Despite overcapacity issues, people travel more for both business and pleasure. This spurs a strong hotel industry. The economy is not strong and this has had a negative impact on the industry, but the economy is recovering and it is believed that the hotel industry will follow accordingly. The industry today is characterized by intense competition and overcapacity. This makes for a challenging industry environment. Government regulations have little impact. Demographics indicate a flatlining of the hotel industry domestically, whereas the increasing wealth of a number of populous countries (China, India, Brazil) hints that the global travel business will pick up tremendously over the next decade or two. The industry is not, in general, very sustainable but the major chains are beginning to undertake sustainability initiatives including reduced washing of towels.

I seek an organization that has a hard-working culture into which I fit naturally. Many of the major hotel chains have the same degree of professionalism and organization that I seek. I also want to work in a company that is growing rapidly. Not only will this provide me with a dynamic career path but it...


I want a team of quality employees who know what it takes to make the customer happy and are prepared to follow my instructions to bring that dream to fruition.
For me, I like to benchmark against high achievers of any type. I view entrepreneurs like Martha Stewart as role models for the hard work (never sleeping!) and dedication to creating something that other people want to be part of. If I can do that at my hotel, I will attract the best staff and deliver the best results.

My five-year career goals are as follows: I have laid out the career objectives already. These goals are measurable and I feel that given the dearth of quality managerial talent they are achievable as well. Each of these positions is relevant because they represent a straight line path up the managerial ranks in the industry.

In order to achieve these goals, I believe that I will need to focus on hard work. I also will need to be prepared to move between companies and hotels in order to capitalize on external opportunities. This will also involve cultivating relationships with key people in the industry and always -- always -- paying attention to trends in the industry and what openings might be available. By and large, I need in terms of resources my own time and energy. My career path is dependent largely on my own abilities. I expect to need the assistance of some executives in the industry as mentors and guides to help me along my path.

I view that my vision statement is a good way to track my progress. If I begin to slip from the pace of progressive positions that I have set for myself, I will follow through with a concerted effort to find those roles and never lapse into complacency. By following these steps, I believe that I will be able to cultivate a brilliant career in hotel management.

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