Case Study Exploring A Municipal WiFi Network Case Study

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Municipal WiFi network

Potential to spark investment

Getting a high-speed connection for a business can be quite costly and most businesses prefer to stay without an internet connection. With a municipal WiFi network, businesses have the potential to access the internet at low cost and without having to make huge initial investments (Ylipulli, Suopajarvi, Ojala, Kostakos, & Kukka, 2014). The marina has the potential to attract many investors and other businesses, but since the area is located far from the city, many people opt to relocate their businesses to the city. The lack of an affordable internet connection has also limited businesses. With a municipal WiFi in place, there is a potential for businesses to open new offices in the downtown area, which would boost the area's development. Investors like to see that an area is developing before they can put in their money, and with the municipal WiFi in place, it would be easier for the municipality to attract potential investors by reducing their operational costs and offering free internet access for a limited period. Worker productivity can be bolstered with a municipal WiFi because workers can operate from any location within the municipality.


The best way for them to do so would be to offer internet access in their restaurants, but this has not been possible considering the huge investments involved. If the municipal was to offer free internet access to some of the business, or charge them a nominal fee it would encourage them to offer the service to their customers free of charge. The historic city is already attracting visitors, and most of them are buying up property in the area. This demonstrates there is potential to attract investors and spark investments within the municipality. Offering the visitors with an easy and free access to the internet, would be beneficial to the municipality because it would receive free advertising from individuals who would be posting and writing about the area in real time.

Using the network for municipal services

The network can make the jobs of city workers substantially easier by using applications like automated meter reading. This would reduce the need to send meter readers to visit residential houses and business in order to perform their work (Evenepoel et al., 2013). Automated meter reading can also improve service delivery and reduce the time required to process customer billings. There have been media reports in other cities of meter readers being attacked by dogs and seriously injured. This would not happen if the city implemented the automated meter, readers. In the case of fire, building, and restaurant inspectors, they can file their reports online as they conduct their inspections without having to return to the office. This would reduce the time taken to file reports and would…

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