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The debilitating economic conditions and return of foreign investors within the country has a direct impact on the financial circumstances of businesses on the stock market (Freeman & Logan, 2004).

Skyrocketing prices of consumer commodities and everyday necessities are observed when the nation is likely to experience poor financial and economic situation. Consumer conference gets badly damaged when the prices fluctuates on the higher side. These reasons only create imprecise ways of earning money and surviving for the livelihood, which escalates terrorism (Freeman & Logan, 2004).

The tourism industry of any nation gets equally affected if high incidents of terrorism are recorded. This is typically due to the reason that tourist, sightseers, and travelers would give less preference to the countries with increased episodes of the heinous crime in comparison to the rest of the countries. Even though, the country is making great efforts to promote its tourism industry on an international level, yet, the feeling of fear and terror would prevent them to visit the countries that are highly associated with terrorism (Mueller & Stewart, 2011).

Social impacts have also been analyzed as an outcome of horrendous acts of terrorism. Social ferment, disruption, unrest, and incoherence are commonly attributable to the society that is full of terrorist activities. Such a society cannot sound to be safe and hearty since the fear and terror embedded in the minds of people hamper the process of attaining education, fearless traveling, development of social relationships, and so on (Freeman & Logan, 2004).

Effective Measures to Combat Terrorism

Numerous countries from all over the globe have become at risk nations to terrorism and easily becoming their victims for a number of reasons (mentioned above). Therefore, it has become extremely significant to counter terrorism and its related activities with the intention to halt its progress and curb it to provide a safe and secure environment to the existing as well as future generations.

One cannot refute or contradict with the fact that terrorism has matured internationally; thus, it cannot be combated by stand alone country, as it is an effort to be made collectively and mutually. Moreover, the complicated and multifaceted nature of terrorism signifies that the solution to curbing its activities should also be furcated in multiple ways. Each and every nation is equally responsible for making combined efforts to curtail the acts of terrorist groups from whom the thirst for human blood can never quench. This fact has been realized by the countries across the globe; hence, numerous strategies have been implemented that can help in combating the issues of terrorism.

Therefore, the nations should not opt for increased weaponry, budgets, and complex plans to fight against terrorism, rather, look for more effective solutions to combat it. Considering the battle against terrorism, it is also pivotal to comprehend and recognize that terrorism can come to an end if the root causes of this social issue are treated, rather than making efforts on the symptoms.

Poverty alleviation seems to be an effective solution, since, lack of resources for the common people acts as a trigger that compels them to opt for terrorism related activities. Hence, the political leadership should look out for strong as well as effective options that can reduce poverty from their country and their entire population can meet the basic necessities.

Trimming down unemployment opportunities is another efficient resort that will prevent the people from terrorism. Employment opportunities...


Therefore, the acute need of employment options would make the people busy by all means and fewer people would be distracted to other acts.

Bringing to a halt to the injustice, especially in the third world nations, where a huge population suffers from the disturbance of poor or no justice. People are forced to take laws in their hand, and perform illegal actions because of having an injustice (police, judicial and social) system. It is essential for the governing bodies to gain the trust of the populace that has been lost somewhere because of inequality. The gap between the social classes needs a conclusion so that terrorism can be thwarted from the nations.

Corruption is another leading agent of terrorism that needs to be controlled in order to restrain and limit terrorism acts significantly. Corruption in the political dome has been widely observed especially in the underdeveloped nations where the leaders are merely concern about making money, instead of focusing on the economic flux the country is experiencing. If this aspect is looked upon with gravity, with respect to change, the overall situation can become much better with a large decrease in terrorism activities.

Lastly, the platform of education needs most concentration to combat terrorism globally. Minimized or free education needs to be promoted that can persuade a large proportion of the country's population to grab this opportunity and educate their children. The trend of terrorism will largely come to an end if increased number of people are involved and engaged in educational activities.


Succinctly, it can be concluded that the drift of terrorism has trapped almost every nation of the world under its quagmire. It has also turned out as an ever-growing threat on a universal platform, which is becoming graver and more intense with the passage of time. Indeed, it is one of the most inhumane and sadistic act performed by humans only. Terrorism is simply a curse that only leaves adverse and horrible reflection on the minds as well as lives of the people that cannot be eradicated.

The major identified reasons that plow and develop the roots of terrorism include social injustice, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and political instability. Nevertheless, it is also imperative to note that terrorism leaves an indelible imprint on the human lives. The adverse effects of terrorism incorporate loss of human lives, economic loss, and social destruction.

The psychological terror and fear that has elevated amongst the natives from every corner of the globe has desperately generated the desire of combating this menace. In this context, a number of actions are implemented to curb the activities of terrorist organizations. Lastly, it is to claim that the war against terrorism has only one prime purpose and that is to eradicate every sign of terrorism and convert the world into a peaceful heaven.


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