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Cell Phones for Outside Salesman

Proposal Letter

Dear Sir:

The objective of this letter is to propose that our pharmaceutical sales team be brought into the twenty first century by becoming equipped with company sponsored cell phones. The initiative will meet the company's high standards of ethics and integrity and would increase our ability to meet the responsibility we have to our customers, their families, our employees, the environment and to the societies we serve on a global scale. Our responsibilities deem that we do not take professional or ethical shortcuts and our interaction with society must reflect these extremely high standards that we profess. This initiative would certainly help our sales team eliminate shortcuts by allowing them to be fully integrated into our organization's web of communications and thus keeping the sales team fully abreast of all company communications.
...Our team faces stiff competition in the form of intellectual property protection, particularly regarding counterfeiting, protection of trade secrets, and data protection. Our organization should be prepared to support initiatives designed to ensure effective intellectual property protection since we create at least six new products annually. Our organization has a responsibility to all stakeholders that ensures that our sales team utilizes effective rules-based systems and equipment. In general terms, the sales department has had a difficult time facing the long overdue structural adjustments.

As pointed out in the recent article in Selling Power magazine called "Secrets Of The Sales Giants: Insider Secrets Of Giant Sales Forces You Can Use To Boost Your Team's Performance" by Laine Chroust Ehmann, the majority of large sales teams that meet high sales expectations utilize certain secretes, so to speak. The number one secret to selling success was formalizing organizational communications. The key to maintaining a successful sales force is by empowering its members to disseminate the latest product information, share customer data and have the ability to trouble-shoot accounts. The most effective way to do this is for our sales team to have a well established two-way communication port throughout the organization and to use reliable technology.

In another article called "As Technology Becomes Increasingly More Prevalent: What To Do When Your Star Salespeople Won't Use Technology" by Mike Foster, the author demonstrates through a recent survey conducted by Computer…

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