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Charles Darwin is one of the founding fathers of psychology. Charles Robert Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England on February 12th, 1809 and died on April 19th 1882 ("Wikipedia"). Darwin's was the grandson of Erasmus Darwin who was an intellectual figure in the history of science. His father was a well respected, successful physician. Charles Darwin comes from a line of intellectual men and was expected to do great things. Darwin attended Shrewsbury school, then continued his studies at Edinburgh University where he studied medicine and then later studied theology at Cambridge University. Charles Darwin did not excel in school, the way his family expected him to, however at Cambridge University he became an advocate for natural history ("Encyclopedia of Psychology"). Darwin has made much significant contribution in the field of Psychology. In this paper I will provide information about Darwin's life and his contributions to the field of psychology.

Darwin came from a family of men who made significant contributions to the world. His father was a prominent physician, his grandfather a respected scientist and his cousin Galton who is also a recognizable name in science. There was great expectation for Charles Darwin, and he lived up to those expectations. Darwin changed the world with his research and his work in evolution. Toward the end of his life he published three books which explored the psyche of humans and how it related to evolution. Although these books were not widely accepted at the time and is still not widely accepted today, they changed the world in many ways.

Theory of Evolution

Although Darwin is credited with the theory of evolution, it was his grandfather Erasmus Darwin who coined the term evolution and believed in this idea. Charles Darwin had the support of his father in his work and he continued to follow through on his grandfather's theory of evolution. In 1859 Darwin published is most famous book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection in 1859 (Schultz & Schultz, 192). Darwin believed that the human mind evolves with education, experience and other environmental factors that humans are exposed to. Many scientists believed that although Darwin made many contributions to science and the field of psychology. His most significant contribution to the field of psychology is his belief of evolution of the mind.

Evolution in Organizational Psychology

In the business world organization psychology is a very important part of business operations. Corporations are constantly changing, moving forward, downgrading, enlarging, outsourcing and moving forward technologically. Technology changes rapidly in most organizations. Companies change because of two main reasons; they are forced to survive in a competitive environment, and because they are reaching for success. "One can view corporate expansion as a form of constrained adaptation to growth opportunities" (Martin et al.,). Organization utilizes market research and evolution to direct their daily business activities. Market research is conducted to gather information about the evolution of customers, their needs, technological advancements and the demands of the market. The organizations use the information gathered about the evolution of the market to make important business decisions. Organizations evolution is one of the most utilized topics in psychology used in businesses today.

According to (Martin et al.,) evolution is a significant part of the business operations in North America and Europe. Organizations are concerned about the happiness of their employees, many companies provide tuition reimbursement for their employees to go back to school and gain the education they need to become more successful. Companies offer regular training programs for their employees, they are investing in their employees to ensure their employees are evolving in the way the market demands. One of the biggest sign of evolution in many companies is that they are making investments in their employees to keep them happy, keep them employed and more committed to their jobs. This is a major evolutionary progress in the history of the business world.

Natural Selection

Darwin's theory of natural selection was initially utilized in Biology. These principles hold that through the struggle for existence, some people take advantage of their biological attributes, making them better able excel or survive in a specific situation ("Charles Robert Darwin"). Darwin was extremely…

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