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¶ … Child Abuse Elder Abuse)

Abuse in the contemporary society

There is much controversy regarding child and elderly abuse in the contemporary society. Even with the fact that the general public agrees with regard to the negative effect such actions have on victims and on the world as a whole, numerous cases are still being reported every year and it seems that in many communities there is a type of silent acceptance of the occurrence. In most cases, the perpetrators motivate their behavior by relating to the stress that their victims inflicted on them previous to the violent event and to how their actions were largely owed to the fact that they could no longer control themselves. The following two cases of abuse demonstrate the degree to which violence pervades the social order and makes it difficult and almost impossible for anyone to intervene.


He beat his four-year-old boy, who was at the time living with his mom in Minnesota and was visiting him in Texas, with the stick he manufactured for this purpose, leaving marks over his buttocks, legs, arms and hands, and hitting him in the scrotum. He also sent the child's mother texts to inform her of the treatment he administered his son.

The 6-foot 1 inch, 217 pound NFL player used an educational method that is likely to still be in use in many homes. Even with this, the football player was cooperative with the investigators and it was visible that he had a complex understanding of the situation he was in and that what he had done was wrong. "I truly regret this incident. I take full responsibility for my actions" (Peterson in Vikings star Adrian Peterson avoids jail time in child abuse case)

For those who never intentionally inflicted any physical pain on their children, the above news may be disturbing. The fact that the practice is as old as humanity and is still widely spread does not offer those who practice it today any excuse. Psychologists, sociologists, scientists who have studied child behavior, child rearing and various repercussions on adults who have suffered as children forms of abuse warn about the negative effects on…

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