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Abuse Effects of Abuse in Children Abuse

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Effects of abuse in children

Abuse: Effects and Impacts on Children

The purpose of this paper is to research the subject of childhood abuse in view of what is suffered both immediately and on the long-term basis in relation to the child's psychological, biological and social development.

Child abuse is all too common in today's world and is a subject that is almost daily splashed across the news. Physical abuse is by Merck Manual as being "battery'. Battery has the same meaning as physical violence to the body. Further the manual reveals that it is an element in every race and throughout every layer of societal structure leaving no one race, sex, group, or religion unscathed by its' effects. Two million children are abused in the United States each year; the numbers are likely much higher with 2000 to 5000 children dying each year as a result of abuse or neglect.

Indeed, child abuse may occur in the most unlikely of families leaving scars for the duration of the life of the individual who was abused.

I .Statistical Information:

Although every representative individual sector and subset group in society has to death with this issue sooner or later, statistical…… [Read More]

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