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Child and Elder Abuse

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Child and Elder Abuse

Many children and frail elderly people are at risk of being abused largely because their ability to defend themselves is impaired. In the recent past, the media has been awash with many cases of abuse and neglect involving children and the elderly. In this text, I conduct an online research in an attempt to identify and analyze two recent cases of child and elder abuse.


ecently, Alyssia Skinner - a resident of Hernando, was according to ojas (2013) "charged with child neglect, aggravated child abuse with great bodily harm, and torturing and caging a child." This severe case of child neglect and abuse was discovered after detectives visited her home and found a 17-month-old baby living in deplorable conditions. The said baby had been living in a small room which was largely disorganized and had no toys. Further, the room in question had several soiled…… [Read More]


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Child Clinical Intervention

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Child Clinical Intevention

Pat I Child Abuse

Physical abuse of childen occus thoughout evey social stata, although thee may be an inceased incidence among those living in povety. Abuse often occus at moments of geat stess, and the pepetato stikes out in ange at the child. The pepetato may also have been abused as a child and may have poo impulse contol. Because of the elative size and stength diffeence between adults and childen, the abused child can be seveely injued o killed. Abuse fequently occus fom shaking an infant, which causes bleeding ove the bain (subdual hematoma) and is often efeed to as 'shaken baby syndome'. The incidence of child abuse is emakably high and faily accuately epoted. The total abuse ate is 25.2 pe 1000 childen with physical abuse counting fo 5.7 pe 1000, sexual abuse 2.5 pe 1000, emotional abuse 3.4 pe 1000 and neglect accounting fo…… [Read More]

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