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Child Abuse Essays (Examples)

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Child Advocate Children's Rights
Words: 2611 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87792274
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Child Advocate
There have been widespread writings regarding the promotion of children’s rights to support their well-being, development, as well as capacity to realize maximum potential ever since the 1960s (Bruyere, 2010). It is a common human dignity value that people get to possess indisputable rights. An important issue in child activism, however, is establishing the best rights extension to kids in the milieu of their need for utmost protection, partly since kids do not possess basic rights and also partly since they lack the competency to settle on the best decisions for their best interest. There is, therefore, the considerable debate concerning the suitable protection for kids, how far a state should or can go in ensuring these rights are granted to kids, and who sits in the best position to make certain decisions regarding the best interest of kids when guardians or parents are not capable of…

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Child Physical Abuse
Words: 715 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: question answer Paper #: 93520689
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Child Abuse and Corporal Punishment
1. According to Barnett et al. (2011), there are mild to serious traumatic brain injuries that could result from the violent shaking of an infant. The shaken baby syndrome, as the authors point out, is one such traumatic brain injury. On the other hand, Munchausen by Proxy could be described as yet another form of child abuse in which case a caregiver falsifies symptoms (psychological or physical) in a child to medical personnel (Barnett et al., 2011). This a caregiver does in an attempt to meet his or her psychological needs (Barnett et al., 2011). Lastly, we have Neonaticide which according to Miller-Perrin and Perrin (2012) is the deliberate move by a mother to kill her new born child soon after birth (i.e. within the first 24 hours following birth).
2. There are some kinds of interventions that I would implement when dealing with the…

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Child Protection
Words: 1880 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 91826674
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NRS311 – Life Stage Considerations: Child, Adolescent & Family Health
Assessment Task Two: Child Protection Case Study
Young people and children are the most vulnerable groups in society. As a Registered nurse in NSW, I can identify, consult others, and respond to situations where a young person or a child is at risk of harm. Some of the common reasons that predispose young people and children to risk include family and domestic violence, sexual, emotional, and physical neglect. In Fiona's case, the important risk of harm is neglect (NSW Government, 2018b). Fiona burnt part of her feet on the heater three days ago. Susanna, on noticing, cleaned the wound using tap water. She applied papaw ointment and covered it with an adhesive bandage. In this case, the most significant risk is neglect. Under the circumstances, a question suffices to ask where the mother was when Fiona, a three-year-old, got…