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Although the starting of a childcare business is a good idea many people do not understand the effort and the energy that goes into running this type of business.

The Hiring Process

Another particularly difficult task is associated with the hiring of staff members. According to a book entitled the Practical Guide to Quality Childcare preparing for interviews is a vitally important part of finding the right staff. The author asserts that the business owner should write down a list of questions to ask and also take not of the answers that are given by applicants. This process allows the business owner to compare various applicants once the interviews are completed. In addition if the business owner has already hired some staff members it might be of benefit to include these staff members in the interviewing process to hire additional staff. This is important because the business owner will want to ensure that everyone in the child care facility can work well as a team.

It may also be necessary to engage in a three stage interview process that will allow the business owner to evaluate the applicants' attitudes toward children and their understanding of child development. The author also asserts that the business owner must

Be aware of the kinds of questions you are allowed to ask under the law and those that are not allowed, such as marital status and number of children. Have an attorney check your employment application form to be sure it is legally correct (Shiller & Dyke 2001,pg 77)."

In addition to the aforementioned issues associated with the hiring of employees, many parents also feel more comfortable if workers have been given background checks. This may place an additional cost on the business owner but it will also protect children from pedophiles and those that might seek to abuse them. In addition it gives parents additional peace of mind when they leave their children at a daycare facility (Cornell, 2005). With all of the problems that exist in our society as it relates to the abuse of children this is an added precaution that is well worth the additional cost and added time (Connell, 2005).

The Childcare business and Parents

As it relates to the childcare business it is also important that parents are seen as partners in the business. According to a book entitled, Planning, Promoting and Managing Your Childcare Business, running a successful childcare business is also dependent upon the communication that providers have with parents. Childcare providers must communicate with parents as it relates to various aspects of the business including the establishment of clear and concise delivery and pick up times for children, vacation times for the childcare provider and written contracts that are clear and discuss the type of care that will be given (Martinson 2003).

According to the aforementioned book, childcare providers should also make a concerted effort to communicate with parents as it relates to the needs of the child. The author suggests that the childcare provider encourage parents to spend time with their children by offering parent play dates and encouraging parents to share in the enthusiasms and interests of their children (Martinson 2003). The author also suggest that childcare providers have parenting classes once a month and also encourage dialogue amongst parents and childcare providers as it relates to any problems or challenges that the child might be facing (Martinson 2003).

Ensuring that parents are comfortable with the childcare provider is essential to guaranteeing business success. Not only is such comfort good for the child but is also puts the parents at ease when they are at work or away from the child. In addition is assists the childcare business because happy customers will return and in many cases they refer other parents to the childcare provider. Word of mouth is a very powerful advertising tool for childcare providers.

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