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¶ … Childhood type II diabetes and obesity

Which three databases will you use?




Search each database, using key words, for relevant research on this subject. What key words did you use in the Search Strategy fields? Include all attempts and limitations used to refine your search.

Diabetes obesity

Childhood obesity diabetes

Childhood obesity diabetes

Report the number of citations identified from each database in the number of articles found field.

Select one article from a peer-reviewed nursing journal published within the last three years -- or a germinal article which may contain an earlier publication date -- and provide the citation in APA format.

Hayden, M.R., Joginpally, T., Salam, M., & Sowers, J.R. (2011). Childhood and adolescent obesity in cardiorenal metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes: A clinical vignette and ultrastructure study. Diabetes Management, 1(6), 601-614. doi:

Answer the following questions using your selected research article:

Q1. Is this qualitative or quantitative? What is the study design? What criteria did you use to determine the study design?

This paper was primarily quantitative in design...


The study began with a clinical profile of a child suffering from obesity, a "13-year-old female with obesity, atherogenic lipid profile, hypertension with early urinary changes of chronic kidney disease and prediabetes" (Hayden 2011 et al.). The majority of the study specifically focused on a study of early ultrastructural changes found in two rodent models of obesity which noted early insulin resistance and prediabetes during the rodent's adolescence. Although the human case study was singular in nature, it focused upon the quantitative or numerical nature of the girl's laboratory reports, not more subjective components like her personal experiences of obesity or factors which caused her to overeat (biological, sociological, psychological) and the bulk of the study was upon the longitudinal, numerically-measured changes in rodent anatomy.

The rodent studies were purely quantitative in nature, focusing upon observed changes in tissue…

Sources Used in Documents:

I limited the search range for peer-reviewed journals. Also, the journal has a doi; a volume number and serial number; and is authored by research scientists who provided their personal histories and sources of their funding.

Q3. Does this research article generate support for evidence-based practice? If not, state why it does not. Please review the critical appraisal guideline on pg. 466-480.

The authors of the study specifically state that it has implications for evidence-based practice. If adolescent obesity causes permanent changes to the structure of the tissue of sufferers, this has longstanding implications for public policy: it means that adolescents may be unlikely to outlive their parents' generation. Despite numerous improvements in diabetes management, diabetes often suffer severe health consequences. It is imperative that diabetes be thwarted by reducing the likelihood of early-onset obesity, not simply managed in a secondary and tertiary manner after the fact. "This current epidemic-pandemic of CAOO causes a red flag to be raised in order to have primary-care providers become more involved and understand this complex problem. The CAOO pandemic may alter the future course of human disease unless we as primary-care physicians intervene" (Hayden 2011 et al.).

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