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Chong Mai the Nan Jing Difficulty 28 States That the Chong Mai Doubles the Pathway of the Foot Yang Mi

The Chong Mai

The Nan Jing difficulty 28 states that the Chong Mai doubles the pathway of the foot Yang Ming. The SU Wen Chapter 60 states that the Chong Mai doubles the pathway of the foot Shao Yin. The Nan Jing provides guidance as to what significance these channels have in relation to the nature and function of the Chong Mai, and why Chong Mai occupies such a preeminent position within the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

The double designation of Chong Mai as it passes over the abdomen;

Nan Jing difficulty 28 states that Chong Mai arises at qi chong (ST 30), the crossroads of the qi; it doubles the pathway of the yang ming of the foot (the stomach meridian); it surrounds the navel and rises. It reaches the middle of the thorax (xiong zhong) and diffuses there.

Another text, Su Wen 60, states that Chong Mai arises at the street of qi; doubling the pathway of the Shao Yin (the kidney meridian) it surrounds the navel and rises; it reaches the middle of the thorax and diffuses there (Author 110).

This is also a way to indicate that Chong Mai is able to make the connection...


The small and large valley represent the circulation in the mass of the fresh[THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE], from the twelve meridians to the smallest luo, which irrigate up to the surface of the skin. This is the broad function of Chong Mai. The Chong Mai seems to be everywhere in the body, from the upper orifices to the bottom of the feet, and from the first center of the vitality to the most exterior areas of the body, wherever there is circulation of the elements of the life, blood and essences (118).

Great commentators such as Zhang Jiebin said that there is really no place where the Chong Mai…

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