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Law Enforcement and a Christian Worldview

Law enforcement might be one of the most ethically demanding professions, next to those who work as criminal attorneys, judges or in the healthcare profession. Law enforcement professionals, aside from putting their own lives and safety at risk every day, are constantly forced to comprehend the high stakes world of ethics and morality. These individuals are often put in ethically murky situations daily, and are often affronted with some of the most disturbing displays of human behavior that have ever been presented. A Christian Worldview can be a strong asset to one of these individuals, in that it can assist in guiding him or her through morally nebulous situations and in finding a path which is most humane. Law enforcement professionals, at their best, are engaging in the work of the Lord, helping to do their best in the fight of good against evil. Actively employing a Christian Worldview is beneficial to the average police officer as it insures that personally and professionally they are consistently kept safe.

A worldview refers to a distinct set of beliefs or paradigms through which respect and honor, man was given dominion over creation by God, Jesus is mankind's hope for redemption, the Bible is the word of God, and God provides for his creation (Slick, 2014). Thus, in this perspective, it's easy to see how a Christian worldview would be beneficial to someone working in law enforcement. Even criminals are worthy of being treated like human beings: criminals are worthy of the basic due process of law. In many respects, that due process begins with the police officer. A police officer with a Christian worldview is never going to be in a situation where he engages in something like police brutality or is accused of undue force or other forms of unprofessional aggression. A Christian worldview will help to ensure that he constantly engages himself with the highest levels of profession, decorum and respect at all times. This clearly comes at a benefit for the police officer, as it helps to keep him safe, and out of the eye of…

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