Classrooms for Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy Students Essay

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Classrooms for Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy Students

Educational Environment for Amy Noncommissioned Officer Academy Students

Education is important in any environment. The same goes for military training. Noncommissioned Officer Academy Students must experience a well balanced blend between military field training and academic proficiency in order to succeed in their military careers and in life outside of the Army as well. The learning environment in such contexts holds true to the strict regulations of the military, but allows for students to benefit from low student to teacher ratios with highly trained education staff and enjoy participation with their classmates that augments their education and training.

Classrooms in NCO contexts are still a military environment. As such, they do still carry with the very strict and rigid military themes and tones. All students are expected to carry with them their military discipline within the context of the classroom. Thus, the maintenance, organization, and cleanliness are expected to be up to military standards. Students have to participate in the upkeep of the classrooms at all times, as directed by group leaders. Students are assigned a student number and will have available their full name and rank for teachers and administrators to easily see and access at all times while they are in the classroom environment. There are daily and weekly inspections of uniforms and classroom materials, just like outside the classroom on a typical military base. Disciplinary actions are distributed to those students who fail to uphold to the strict military standards, or who fail to address the issues pointed out by their group leader on previous occasions. Any misconduct on behalf of the student body will also result in strict and immediate disciplinary actions. This aura of heightened rules and regulations does, however, help to increase the efficiency of the classroom overall. Classrooms are neat and ready to facilitate learning. While in class,…

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