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Clinical Experiences Journal

For ten minutes, I just held her hand while her eyes slowly opened and closed. The first patient I worked with was a woman in her seventies. She had had a whole host of physical problems. Her back went out; she had a hip replacement. Now it seemed she might have dementia or Alzheimer's Disease. The medication the head nurse gave her was strong and made the woman fall in and out of consciousness. I kept asking the head nurse what I could do, and all she would say was, "Just...


I don't want her to get too confused." In addition to performing some of the basic duties like helping the woman get to the washroom, reach for the television remote control, eat, and take her medicine, the only thing really left for me to do was to hold her hand. I was glad to. It made me feel good, like I was actually giving her human touch, not just the clinical sterility of the hospital environment. I really appreciated my experiences working with the seniors because they enabled…

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