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Clinical Goals During this health assessment class I aim to close the gaps I currently have when considering experience in realistic clinical situations. An activity such as having to perform CPR on a patient can represent an important factor in making it possible for a student to gain a complex understanding of the domain. The class is going to provide me with the opportunity to assess the way that concepts such as cultural values, health notions, and caring practices performed in a particular institution work together in assisting people in need of health care.

I would apply theory in cases when laboratory results are either inconclusive or they are abnormal. This would mean that I would have to find a way to determine why these respective results are in this condition and get actively involved in trying to provide patients with solutions or with the ability to access treatment they need in order to recover. As a consequence of this process, I am more likely to perform a comprehensive assessment of a person's...


Practice is often one of the best methods of learning, as while theory is also important, it can limit a person's understanding of the field that he or she works in. Across time I am going to become more experienced and eventually more likely to use my expertise when dealing with a patient. I am going to gradually attempt to provide potential solutions to problems that patients experience with the purpose of trying to have these people more likely to improve their well-being. Ranging from side effects associated with particular medicine to nursing ideas I can employ successfully in the case of a patient, I need to concentrate on addressing all potential actions I can take on with the purpose of both improving my understanding of the domain and to assist as much as possible.

In addition to consider all the conventional ideas related to health care in the struggle to assist patients in need, I would also have to focus on the financial aspect of the domain. By becoming better acquainted with a series of costs resulting from implementing health care processes, I would be able to determine the strategies I need to employ with the…

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