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Close Reading

The role the authors play in the research project:

Researchers formulate processes that aid with development of inclusive, intercultural schools via teachers' professional development within a SIT program context (Sales, Traver, & Garcia, 2011). Teaching and research influence each other; however, at times, a large gap exists between them. While teachers may be instructed to adopt "research-based techniques," these techniques may be displayed before them with no sensitivity to analytic rigor, thoughtful skepticism, and context, which characterize quality researches (Miller & Fox, 2005).

Authors employed a qualitative approach - a case study - for determining application of action research, in order to inspire school and professional culture to adopt a comprehensive, intercultural approach, as well as examine in-service training documents, which offered evidence regarding changes in school culture and teachers' perceptions during 2007-2008, in a Spanish school. This qualitative study identified key process factors, along with their effect on SIT program (Sales, Traver, & Garcia, 2011).


Staff members at the school are committed to their job and strive to aid students; the research stated that staff desired improvement in practices for a better response, in the community, to diversity. Furthermore, researchers and staff are friendly and cooperative with one another; staff members are considered selfless, and willing to...


It is situated in a Mediterranean city's port district with a population of 900,000; its people, mainly Roadwork as scrap metal traders or market traders (Sales, Traver, & Garcia, 2011). A majority of the school's children hail from low-class, poor households.


The school staff comprises of nineteen teachers, which include a child psychologist, Special Education/Compensatory teacher, and infant support teacher. There are no Romani teachers, and most staff members don't reside in the neighborhood.


Researchers concluded that lack of shared values and accord, and a lack of peaceful method of conflict resolution, negatively impacted coexistence within the school. The school lacks a pedagogical space, where clarification of guiding values essential to teaching takes place; consequently, it had no consistent shared system for lending value to teachers' work.

The school culture and staff interaction:


School culture can be explained as follows: only those teachers who worked with a common group of students collaborated with each other. The…

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