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Closing Report PC Life

The specific processes involved in any given project reflect the efforts, successes and failures of that specific process. The purpose of this closing report is to offer closure on the PC Life computer repair business project and comment on the varying approaches and results that were discovered during the life of this project. The essay will point out lessons learned and delve into the reasons as to why some things worked and why some things did not work. This report will also document the handover processes and project resources closing efforts that are necessary to aid in understanding how a project such as PC Life can carry on with less guidance and become a real practical example. As this report is created it will address the varying challenges that were overcome or remained as this project explored its ability to become vital and successful in its efforts. Before offering recommendations, this report will express conclusions as a result of the PC Life business life cycle program.

PC Life Background Information

To understand how the project played, out some refresher information may be needed to help guide the reader in this report. PC Life is a small-scale business that aims to provide Computers, and allied technical consultation services (repairs, training, networking and upgrade service) to personal, and small and medium scale. (Computer Repair Business Plan) The goal of the company is to prove of value in these sectors through sustained efforts in quality, marketing, creating, and retaining customer relations throughout its life, through responsiveness, and updated information.

Success Criteria Checklist

We have identified the following factors that will be instrumental in meeting our goals: (Computer Repair Business Plan)

Establishing a brand recognition as well as generating brand identity via marketing and advertising.

Responsiveness: providing fast responding teams and services .

Quality: providing accurate diagnosis and services and offering 100% assurance every time.

Relationships: accomplishing a loyal clientele-base that would provide regular income.

Lessons Learned

Lesson 1: Aligning Strategy

To fully understand how a successful business operates, a model of


A leadership base must be strong in order for any business to survive. At the heart of that leadership core is that leadership's business strategy.

The business strategy applied in this PC Life project revolved around exploiting weaknesses in a chosen market. Essentially creating a business in this mold is fairly conservative but seemingly appropriate for the opportunity at hand. The business strategy itself was simple and clear and applied a reasonable amount of balance to its development. The following objectives were created to help guide the formation of the strategy:

Computer Repair Business Plan

- To offer the best service available to the local community at a reasonably priced ranges.

- To have enough presence that makes PC Life is a household name.

- Continuous and steady growth in market share from the third year onwards.

- To create enough goodwill in the market to have a 405 returning customer base.

- We realize that our market presence will be marked up by placing certain short-term objectives.

All efforts from PC Life need to adhere to or attend to a tenet of one of these objectives in an effective business environment where strategic aims are known and understood as paramount in conducting business. PC Life's success depends on the ability to maintain a firm and constant understanding of governing strategy that comes from leadership cells on high. The nature of business rests on this model's ability to maintain a clear and direct alignment of business tactics to the overreaching business strategy. In all instances of success, PC Life was acting in accordance to this balanced approach that depends on this relationship.

Lesson 2: Sticking to the Fundamentals

In today's age of advanced technology and progress, there is a great tendency to become over attached to fads and glitzy approaches with little substance. The success experienced during the PC Life project reflected a solid and continual use of fundamental approaches to business. The idea that a short cut can be taken for short-term benefit is always rooted in risk was adopted throughout the planning and execution of this project plan. This did not mean that…

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