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Cloud Computing

Many businesses are experimenting and slowly embracing the concept of cloud computing and Web2.0 .organizations choosing projects which can reap full benefits from cloud computing and Web2.0.this evolution has began as organizations are now taking a crawl, walk run approach which is building towards an eventual implementation of cloud and Web2.0 implementation. Organizations are now following the pragmatic path towards cloud computing and Web2.0 through the adoption of new technologies, transitioning to virtual IT assets from Physical assets, and the adoption of the best practices in IT so that they can fit into the new dynamic world. The paper will explain on the business uses of cloud computing and will give a detailed explanation of what cloud computing and Web 2.0 entail explaining how organizations use these tools. It will also look at the technology required to use these tools. Finally the benefits and limitations of these tools will be highlighted

Cloud computing and Web 2.0

Cloud computing is data management that relies on the sharing of computing resources instead of having personal devices or local servers handling applications. The word cloud is used metaphorically to refer to the internet so that cloud computing can be taken to mean an internet-based computing in that different services like servers, applications and storage can be delivered to computers in an organization through the internet (Taty, 2010).

Web 2.0 is a new generation of the Web that involves the production and sharing of contents by users. Web 2.0 is associated with the use of web tools and websites so that there can be promotion of interactive collaboration, such as Google Apps, social networking, You Tube and so on (Wolcot, 2007).

The use of cloud computing and Web2.0 in organizations

Organizations can use cloud computing for storing documents. Through cloud computing an organization's information can be stored, edited and modified online. Document storage services in cloud computing allows the access of word documents, spreadsheets, audio files and so on through internet connection hence information is accessible provided one is online. Organizations also use cloud computing for accountability and billing purposes. There is needed to keep track of expenses, invoices so as to ensure the organization is running smoothly. This is achieved through an accounting system provided by the cloud which enables users to access services anywhere. There are also accounting programs which enable an organization to track time when one is working or even monitor how timely clients pay invoices. Businesses also use cloud computing to manage projects. This is useful when employees travel and there is need to track their performance through uploading files to get feedback and editing.

Organizations use Web 2.0 in various ways such as creating websites for the organizations where clients can access information on what the organization offer. Clients are also able to purchase these products online through the website. Organizations also use social network sites and blogs to reach suppliers, partners and customers (Wolcot, 2007).

Technology required to use cloud computing and Web2.0

Cloud computing's major component is referred to as utility computing. Technologies required for cloud computing include infrastructure as a service that…

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