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This will certainly prove very helpful in my career as a speech pathologist or any related field.

I have been in this field for ten years. And I know that it's a long time. But for some reason I find myself very motivated and highly interested in this field only. I have no plans of switching fields. This seems to be my core purpose in life.

I have read about your program very carefully and I think it's very comprehensive. Just what I was looking for! I hope that you will also find my experience just the kind of knowledge that you would want your students to possess. As I will gain from your program, I guess me and other students like myself will also bring plenty of valuable experience and knowledge with us that will enrich our studying experience.

As a speech pathologist, I hope to provide valuable service to those with speech related problems. I have noticed that this is a common issue with children with special needs. I feel that as a speech pathologist, I can help them and thus make a significant difference in their lives. I also feel that it would satisfy my fascination with language and its power. I know speech is a powerful device that can completely shape our lives and I would like others to have this gift as well, especially those who were born without the ability to speak properly or who had their speech power compromised due to some problem.

Please do give me an opportunity to study at your prestigious institute because I am sure of my determination to serve people and to succeed in this field.

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