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college degree is in Organizational Management. Graduate study at California State University in Los Angeles will help me achieve my ultimate career objectives, which include working one on one with employees in major firms to understand their hidden talents, skills and abilities. Thus far during my brief career I have worked for the Education Foundation in Taiwan, helping people study abroad. My career goals include working in a global environment as a business leader that helps support critical business initiatives including managing diversity and people. I hope to expand my knowledge base and learn how to interact with people of varying backgrounds and experiences in a manner that is positive and supportive.

I feel that it is critical that all employees and individuals have the opportunity to gain experience from a global perspective. I am aspiring to an upper level management position so I have some influence on organizational communication and information transformation within society. I believe that managers in general have two challenges, including meeting and achieving the mission of an organization and meeting the needs of individual organization employees.

My goal is to help plan, organize, lead and achieve in a manner that promotes global awareness, open communication and free enterprise. These factors are all critical factors in the global marketplace. In order to lead in a manner that promotes all of these factors, I require a solid educational foundation as well as life experiences.

I hope to gain my knowledge base at California State University in Los Angeles. I believe the University is well rounded and includes a diverse population base, which will help further my
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mission. From there I can pursue the life experiences necessary to achieve my goals.


I have worked as a leader for the Educational Foundation in Taiwan, which helps prepares students for studying abroad. Through my work and leadership experiences I have learned that the global marketplace is one that values diversity and experience working with diverse populations. One has only to look around to realize that the workforce is rapidly changing. Whereas it used to be fairly homogenous within nation states, now every workplace is a mosaic of different people with different backgrounds and ethnicities.

It is not uncommon to find people speaking multiple languages and holding varying cultural traditions and values in the workforce. Because of these factors it is important that an individual working in the global workforce have a unique and well rounded perspective on global issues including diversity. Having worked with a diverse student population and helped prepared them for studying abroad; I have prepared myself to understand differing cultural values and styles. I have also learned the importance of recognizing and valuing diversity, an essential component of business relationships in modern society.

I believe that in a global marketplace such as that in which we live today it is increasingly important that preparation for a career in management includes a solid foundation in knowledge centered on topics including diversity and culture. I believe my experience working with the Educational Foundation has not only provided me with an adequate knowledge base with regard to this area, but has also provided me with a foundation in people. Learning to work with people and understand people is a just as critical a component for a future business…

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