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college sophomore student, U.S.A. I taking SOC100 (Introduce sociology) semester. I writing assignment called 'Reflection' below guides write reflection: Reflections: Reflections textbook chapter due fulfilling requirements: -1 page, typed, single-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins.

Textbook chapter and revisiting the quinceaneras

America has long been called a nation of immigrants and is particularly noteworthy because of the diversity of its immigrant population as well as the larger percentage of inhabitants that hail from many different nations, although this immigration pattern is becoming increasingly common worldwide (Giddens 280). The history of various ethnic groups in America is quite varied, given the legacy of slavery (a 'forced' migration) and the different ethnic character of new waves of immigrants flooding into America: Germany, Italian Irish, and European immigrants predominated early on in American history while Hispanic and Asian immigration, for a variety of political and economic reasons has begun to rise (Giddens 287). This has caused tension in some communities due to racism and ethnocentrism, given the frequently-expressed prejudice that people who are not Caucasian are not 'real' Americans. But despite the best efforts of those who are mired in racism,
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thanks to the legacy of changes in the law and culture, there is greater cultural intermingling between racial and ethnic groups throughout all facets of American society. As noted by the British publication The Economist, in a fusion of Hispanic and Anglo culture, many non-Hispanic girls are getting quinceaneras, the coming-of-age party once common amongst Hispanic girls. The phenomenon has become Anglicized even while Hispanic culture in Texas is becoming part of the mainstream. On one hand, by 2040, 1 in 3 Hispanic adolescents will be Hispanic. On the other hand, all quinceaneras for both Anglos and Hispanics are becoming less about the girl's participation in the Hispanic community and more about individual self-expression. "In America, quinceaneras are all about the girl and her personality, says Angie Duran, a cake-maker. Her daughter, Alexandra Solis, duly shocked older relatives with a Halloween-themed party last year, involving a spider-encrusted cake topped with a purple skull" ("The Power of a Party," The Economist).

This sociological concept of hybridization of culture, even in the face of racism, is one of the most interesting aspects of the history of the quinceanera in America. On one hand, a great deal of the symbolism of this coming-of-age party is uniquely Hispanic. Hispanics have kept…

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