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On the other hand, some wars resulted in massive uprisings, mass destruction of property, indiscriminate killings of people, uprooting of the power base, widespread lawlessness through revolutions like the French Revolution, the Chinese Revolution and the Russian Revolution and most recently the Iranian Revolution. These revolutions have had far reaching repercussions for the countries in which these revolutions erupted as well as for the entire regions and the world at large. French Revolution over-turned the centuries-old monarchy and brought in republic governments, which in turn changed in quick succession until the end of the Second World War. The period between the end of monarchy and the establishment of stable republic government in France is a witness to the loss of French colonies. The Chinese Revolution turned around the people from a capitalistic economic system to socialist economic system under a new political system of communism expounded by Marx. The Chinese Revolution in turn created a major rift between China and the United States in particular and the West in general. The Chinese socialist economic and communist political systems were never acceptable to the United States and the West, which had totally different economic and political systems based on laissez-faire economies and democratic
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governments. Arab-Israel Wars, Iran-Iraq War of the 80's and the Gulf War of the 90's though these wars were confined to a few countries and the world at large was saved from their devastating effects. Look at the several Arab-Israel wars fought over a period of forty plus years without resolving the burning issue of the establishment of the State of Palestine. Billions of dollars have gone into war machinery, hundreds of thousands have died and economies of the Arab world have enormously been hit. The Arab-Israel conflict remains ripe till to date. Similarly, the Iran-Iraq war led to no gains for either country. In fact, tremendous loss of human lives and financial resources put both the countries under severe economic pressures with long lasting effects. The brewing conflict still horrifies both the nations and a war can erupt at any time with further destruction in both the countries. The Gulf War involving Iraq, Kuwait, USA, Britain and France freed Kuwait from the occupation of Iraqi forces but the conflict between Iraq and the U.S.A. remains unresolved till to date. Wars are not necessarily the solution of conflicts; they are rather the causes of new conflicts. Thus it is evident that wars certainly bring in total destruction and serve as the possible cause of…

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