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colonists - now they are calling themselves Americans -- have won their war for independence and that they are now making their own laws. That was what they were fighting for. They complained in the Declaration of Independence that they did not have any representation when the English were in control. They were unhappy that they had to pay taxes and obey laws that they had no hand in creating. It is funny to me, but not in a comical way. They do not consider that we are in the same position as they were. Did they not write, "All men are created equal?" Why does that only apply to the white people? They think they can now control us like the English controlled them. They will take from us our land and they will make us abide by their laws or else they will wipe us out. Yet, you will not see any of the Mohawk getting the chance to vote or having representation in their government. It amazes me that people fight for their rights and yet continue to violate the rights of others because they think they are better than us, that because they are white they have more value as human beings than we have. How little they know.

Recently, their first document, the Articles of Confederation, has failed. It did not allow for taxation of the people, only the states. It did not have provisions for a federal court. They could not have a federal army with this document and there was no real leader either. There were many problems with it and now they have a Constitution which they believe is better. Now they can tax, they can have an army, they have a federal court, and they can pass changes to the Constitution without a unanimous decision. I think that things were maybe better for me and my people before. When they were confused and disorganized, they were focused on one another. Now that they have a plan of action for going forward, they can once again look to my people as enemies and find ways to take away what little we have left.

On the other hand, maybe we can use their courts and their laws regarding the states to ensure our protection. Surely, they must have to follow their own laws, even if it in communication with us. I think ratification might be a good thing in that we would be able to apply our case to the federal court when people try to push us out. Although such an attempt would be unlikely to work, it would still give us an opportunity to protect our interests which is something we do not yet have. If, however, the Constitution is not ratified, then the state governments will have the power and the federal one cannot preside over the states. Each place will have a different set of rules and perhaps that is best for us because if one state creates laws which harm us, it is not necessarily the case that all other states will have similar laws. If the federal government is strong, then any policy that they create will hold for the whole country. If they choose to make laws which are harmful to us, then there will be no place we can go to escape.

I am as yet unsure what will happen to us now that the colonies are a country. The United States of America has yet to show me that things are any better now than they were when the lands were under the control of the English king. In fact, I have a premonition that although things will be better for the…

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