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Commerz Bank AG

Company background -- Environmental scan -- Strategies and Recommendations -- Implementation plan -- Risk management: Action plan

CommerzBank AG -- Valuing Customers

The study of CommerzBank AG meta-analyses will provide a critical analysis of how the organization's vision, mission, and people strategies and values statements are aligned with the proposed strategic plan.

Keywords like "people strategies" "vision" "values statements" "mission" "strategic plan" "internal environmental analysis" "external environmental analysis" will be used in order to search the bank's own website, library in my university along with the online available material to conduct meta-analyses. Following are the reports that this search will be limited to: a) peer refereed/reviewed (scholarly), b) will be available in the database in full text, c) published between the years of 2000 and 2010, d) ) reports published by the bank itself, e) English language is used to write the report.

There has been a lot of debate done on the topic of meta-analysis since the time that it was introduced in 1976 by Gene Glass along with his colleagues (Card, 2011). The effectiveness of meta-analytic when compared to traditional systematic review is still a topic of discussion for many (Card, 2011). Psychotherapy is a field where meta-analysis is still being debated and criticized. 375 studies were reviewed by Glass in 1977 with the help of Rebecca Smith. These studies were concerned with different psychotherapies and their effectiveness (Card, 2011). There was only a small amount of difference found in the therapies according to their research however; the findings did give rise to a lot of criticism from various other psychologists.

The trend of meta-analyses being used in researches increased in the beginning of 1980s (Card, 2011) and is still used today. In order to answer the question about the superiority of traditional systematic review method or the meta-analyses method, these two have to be studied in great detail.

Synthesized review is provided by both meta-analyses and traditional systematic review but both these methods do this in diverse ways. Meta-analysis has statistical analysis methods incorporated in it which makes it quantitative research method whereas; the analysis of results and raw data is done in systematic reviews (Glass, 2006). Meta-analysis processes were incorporated in traditional statistics by Ingram Olkin and Larry hedge in a book; this has provided the process with a sense of statistical value and formality (Card, 2011) in comparison to the methods and process of systematic reviews. Therefore, researches are able to unite the results of multiple studies with the help of meta-analysis which then help in the growth as well as accumulation of scientific knowledge (Chan and Arvey, 2012).

The process according to which meta-analysis is conducted has been reviewed by Glass (2006). He has described the involvement of 5 steps in this process: 1) Defining the problem, 2) Including literature based on relevant information and reviewer's criteria, 3) Coding the characteristics, effect and size of every study, 4) Transformation of the codes into common scale to make them ready for statistical analysis, 5) The results must properly be made into discussion and conclusion by the reviewer (Glass, 2006) (for further details, see Appendix I).


Company Structure

Commerzbank is certainly one of Germany's top banks for both individual as well as corporate clients

Commerzbank is certainly one of Germany's top banks for both individual as well as corporate clients, along with a powerful universal bank which combines the long-standing, effective and in depth encounter of two banks having a wealthy culture.

For individual clients, they happen to be a dependable companion as well as high-accomplishing financial solutions company. Their clients have certainly one of the densest communities from any private-market bank available within Germany. For smaller as well as medium-scale companies, they effectively aid their customers' enterprise functions within Germany as well as all over the world. Their clients additionally gain out of the capital marketplace know-how of their investment bank. Within Germany, they provide their clients a countrywide branch network with individual guidance as well as solutions. At the international level, Commerzbank includes a strong presence within the significant business as well as financial cities. They additionally function with several thousand parallel banks around the globe.

Consumer gratification is actually the primary focus of all the things they undertake at Commerzbank. They are totally focused on offering this, and this happens to be the quantification of their achievement.


Mission Statement

The financial as well as sovereign debt situation has brought on lasting turmoil within the banking community. For this reason they happen to be preparing themselves for the "Novel normality": more restrictive legislation, low rates of interest and altering consumer conduct. They profess to interact robustly to this particular paradigm change: they are decreasing risks even more, optimizing their investment structure, going after a policy of rigid cost management as well as simultaneously creating long-term investment strategies within the key bank's revenue power, whilst carefully orienting commerzbank's business style in the direction of needs of their clients and also the real economic system.

CommerzBank's vision

The Bank features 143 years of culture powering it. This culture happens to be both a dedication as well as a responsibility for the foreseeable future. They mix contemporary banking with conventional ideals like justness, faith as well as proficiency. Their goal is actually to strengthen their top position within their key marketplaces of Germany as well as Poland in the long-term. They plan to provide their individual as well as corporate clients the financial and even capital market solutions they require. In the long run they profess to maintain their assistance to their clients like a business partner in every marketplace. Their dealings will constantly be based on working fairly as well as effectively with clients, traders as well as workers.


Environmental scan

External environment factor is imperative

Strengths and weaknesses on the inside: A study of organization's resources allocation

The organization's competitive position and possibilities

The structure of the organization and how this affects organizational performance

Section 1: External environment factor is imperative

Isolated environment: The PESTLE analysis states that, the prevailing challenges are plentiful faced by Commerzbank domestically and internationally (Hayrapetyan et al., 2013).

Present and future economic factors: The economic issues as well as issues challenging those alterations are countless. The hitches fall under the umbrella of Euro zone crisis. It is critical how government reacts to it since minor countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland could end up being bankrupt (Hayrapetyan et al., 2013).

Present and future social factors: Yet another critical challenge is the alteration in social factors. This is imperative for the banks as it's directly linked to the customers. The customers are key players in the banking field. Social environment needs to alter the customer's thinking pattern. It needs to be taken in consideration in order to keep them intact and attract the new ones (Hayrapetyan et al., 2013).

Present and future environmental factors: The environmental awareness is beginning to take serious shape now. The banks have a critical responsibility of maintaining its reputation. Its market needs to remain lucrative and attract new customers from time to time. Most customers are sensitive regarding the environment (Hayrapetyan et al., 2013).

Present and future political factors: The political environment is very volatile these days with the conditions prevailing in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt turning out to be most grave ones. Investments are being cut from these countries (Hayrapetyan et al., 2013).

Industry Environment

The market standing of businesses with same services or products:

Apart from Commerzbank, many other banks intelligently created solid sub-segments and new strategic segments. The following segment contains a list of competitors who have laid out their strategies to cope with the market situation. €1/month is paid by free Girokonto and reaps 0.25% of interest. For 1,250/month, no fee is charged. In other case, the fee is €4.90/month. The student GiroKonto is free with a €25 upon signing. It's also free with a BahnCard 25. Minimum balance isn't needed at all (Hayrapetyan et al., 2013).

Sparkasse (Berlin): Direckt (online only) has a fee of €3.50, while Classic & Brilliant accounts have a fee of €7/month and €13/month respectively. Startkronto is free for students below the age level of 30. The student above the 30 years barrier will have to pay €3/month. Moreover, Startkronto also permits the customers to take out €2500 or in other case take out 2 months' worth of salary out of the account as credit. Minimum balance isn't required here (Hayrapetyan et al., 2013).

Commerzbank: At Kostenlose GiroKonto, for €1200/month deposited, no fees are deducted. At Komfort konto, €7.90/month is deposited. At Aktiv Konto (online only) €4.90/month is deducted. For students, start konto for free. There is no minimum balance necessary as long as monthly deposit is made into the account (Hayrapetyan et al., 2013).

Deutsche Bank: The student under the age group of 30 is free, whereas three accounts exist ranging from€4.49/month and €9.99/month. There is no minimum balance required as long as monthly deposit is made (Hayrapetyan…

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