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An example of effective demonstrative communication is when a person is nodding while receiving information from the sender. However, when a person is talking to someone who has his/her arms folded, it's likely to be interpreted that he/she is defensive, cold, or uncomfortable, which is ineffective demonstrative communication.

Listening and Responding in Demonstrative Communication:

Similar to other forms of communication, listening and responding is an important aspect of demonstrative communication (Sheridan, 2011). Listening and responding are specifically critical for demonstrative communication because this form lacks the complexity provided by language and has limited distance. Notably, the process of listening and responding while using this communication form is a necessity for both parties in the interaction i.e. The sender and receiver of the message (Hampton, 2011). The need for the process of listening and responding originates from the fact that people learn more through others' actions, which are brought by demonstrative communication, rather than their words.

Demonstrative communication involves the process of listening and responding since a person uses certain actions while communicating in order to provoke a particular response from the receiver. Regardless of the type of message, active listening is an important aspect of receiving messages and involves cultivating an interest in the message from both the sender and the receiver. For instance, a bank executive wears a power suit in order to convey his ability and...


In this case, the bank executive chooses his clothing as a means of communication that other people are supposed to look at and respond to him/her as a leader.
The process of listening and responding to demonstrative communication is art because of the increased probability of this kind of communication to be misinterpreted or misread. Without paying attention to the silent actions or communications of others, people cannot understand the messages conveyed through demonstrative communication. However, through listening to these actions, they will respond in an appropriate manner to the specific message.


Demonstrative communication is an important aspect of everyday life because approximately 93% of all communication is non-verbal. This communication form requires critical listening and responding by the sender and receiver to enhance effectiveness.

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