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Third, I am of the opinion that communication is two-way. To be an effective communicator, one must be an effective listener as well. Interrupting others as they speak or being inattentive to what they have to say sends the wrong signal. Further, failure to be attentive to the message others are trying to put across could be constructed to mean one is disinterested in the whole conversation. Such a view in return makes others inattentive of what one has to say. In the light of that, I will strive to be an attentive listener so that others can be willing to listen to me as well.

Next, I am convinced that effective communication goes hand in hand with confidence. With that in mind, I will work on ways of enhancing my confidence. In this case, I will ensure that I develop the courage to say what is really on my mind. Personally, I tend to be hesitant to speak when in the company of people I am not well acquainted with. By opening up more to those around me, I will be able to shove up my confidence levels and in the process enhance my communication skills. Closely related to this is practice. In this case, I will ensure that I utilize all the opportunities accorded to me to further sharpen my communication skills. This will especially be essential as I seek to refine those skills learnt from several self-help articles and books including but not limited to the two I have identified above.

I remain convinced that should I embrace the strategies I have identified above in an attempt to enhance my communication skills, I will become a better and more effective communicator. Given that effective communication is a learned skill, I am certain of success in this worthy…

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