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Company Mission, Vision, Stakeholders Strategic management starts vision mission. It consists analysis, decisions, actions organization undertakes order create sustain competitive advantages. For project, pick a company ( Harley Davidson), preferably, modules, work understand strategy .

Ducati -- passion leading from bankruptcy to success

Ducati is a name that most motorcycling enthusiasts are likely to associate with passion and brute force. The Italian bike manufacturer is known for making motorcycles designed for a particular type of people and the motorcycles it produces induce intense feelings in individuals riding them. Regardless if they are moving or if they stand still, Ducatis always manage to make heads turn and have succeeded in remaining an important player in a global market involving companies that are much larger than the Italian enterprise. This is also shown by the fact that Ducati...


As a consequence, the Italians were forced to sell to Texas-Pacific Group in 1996. The American company assisted Ducati in regaining its position on the market and sold it to InvestIndustrial Holdings SpA in 2006.

One of the reasons why Ducati managed to remain a significant competitor in the industry is the fact that it has a great deal of partners, with more than 90%

of the cost of each bike being covered by the 'Ducati family', a network of about 180 suppliers involved in producing components for the company. "While some of the suppliers are on short-term contracts, most relationships are long-term strategic partnerships, based on mutual trust and commitment to begin a winning team." (Wit & Meyer 385) This is why the company managed to stay active…

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