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Comparative Analysis, State

The two states that I will be analyzing are Rhode Island and Florida, on the one hand, as compared to my home state of South Carolina. Variables used in the comparative study comprise of political cultures, state judicial systems, structure of state legislatures and partisan balance, geographic areas, local governments, gubernatorial powers, and states’ levels of party competition.

Comparative Analysis: Policy

Laying emphasis explicitly on the policy issue of teacher shortages, the comparison analysis of each state gives rise to imperative information regarding how the following variables impact the policy outcome.

Political cultures

States will propose dissimilar strategies for coping with teacher shortages, reliant on the political culture. For instance, the state of Florida is providing remunerations for teachers who are prepared and ready to accomplish distinctive areas experiencing shortages (Quinton, 2017). Nonetheless, it might be one of the states diminishing the qualifications requited to educate to address the shortage. On the other hand, the state of Rhode Island has been providing emergency certification for teachers, which is akin to the approach taken by South Carolina with respect to alternative accreditation.

Structure of state legislatures and partisan balance 


On the other hand, Florida state is presently a republican state and therefore are aligned and partisan to the policies being vouched for by the republican party.

State judicial systems 

The judicial system of Florida is split fundamentally into four levels comprising of circuit courts, county courts, district courts of appeal as well as the Supreme Court. On the other hand, the judicial system of Rhode Island comprises of traffic tribunal, worker’s compensation court, district court, family court, superior court and the Supreme court. With respect to the state of South Carolina, the judicial system comprises of the circuit courts, court of appeals, and supreme court (Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press, 2018). This implies that in all three states, any policy decisions to be upheld or overturned ought to be undertaken in the Supreme Court.

Geographic areas (urban/rural states) 

With regard to geographic expanses, all three states are experiencing shortages of teachers in both the rural and urban areas. Nonetheless, it is perceptible that the rural regions are experiencing a significantly greater deficiency of teachers.


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