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" (2002) p.7


The methodology proposed in this study is one of a qualitative nature and is to be conducted through an extensive review of literature in this area of study combined with a survey of employees in a yet unchosen organization which will quiz the employees concerning the factors of primary importance in retention and satisfaction of employees by the organization.

Population and Sample

The population and sample in this study is as of yet, undetermined and will be decided at a later date.

Research Design

The research design in this study is as stated previously of a qualitative nature and of the nature that will ensue with an extensive review of the literature in this area of knowledge in order to ascertain the primary findings in previous research in this area of study. Secondly, the research proposed in this study is for a survey of employees of an organization for the purpose of determining the importance of employee compensation and benefits in maintaining satisfaction among employees and for the purpose of employee retention.

Instrumentation and Data Collection

The data in the research proposed herein will be collected through distributing surveys among employees in an organization that will participate in this study. The survey will have 25 questions and respondents will be asked to respond by stating a number between 1 and 5 with one representing 'strongly agree' and 5 represent 'strongly disagree' in a Likert-type survey.

Data Analysis

Analysis of the data in this study will involve the scoring of employee responses to the 25 questions in this study that is proposed for research.

Time Schedule

The proposed time schedule for this study is a period of six weeks which will be utilized for the purpose of reviewing the literature in this area of study and for the purpose of organizing, developing, preparing, distributing, administering, and scoring the employee surveys as stated in this proposal for research.

Resources Needed

Resources required for the conduction of this survey include paper and printing supplies as well as travel expenses to and from the organizational job site.


Personnel required for the conduction of the research as stated herein will be the researcher and one assistant.




This informed consent form is attached at the end of this proposal research in the section labeled 'Appendix a'. This form provides authorization and waiver form by the participant/respondents for their participation in this study and authorizes the researcher to use the answers provided in the response to the survey by all participants in this study.

Appendix 'A'

Informed Consent

Employee Benefits and Compensation Study

You are being asked to participate in a research study about employee compensations and benefits. You were selected as a possible participant because you are employed by the organization that has agreed to participate and respond in this study. Please read this form and ask any questions that you may have before agreeing to be in the research.

Background Information

The purpose of this research is to examine employee benefits and compensation and how these factors affect employee satisfaction and retention in the organization.


If you agree to be a participant in this research, we would ask you to do the following things:

You will be asked to respond honestly to 25 question survey which will be distributed among employees in your organization

Benefits of Participation

The benefits of participation are your opportunity to provide information and input to your organization and its managers.


You understand that you will not receive any type of pay, directly or indirectly, for your participation in this study.


The records of this research will be kept private. In any sort of report we might publish, we will not include any information that will make it possible to identify a participant. Research records will be kept in a locked file, and access will be limited to the researchers.

Voluntary Nature of the Study

Your participation is voluntary. If you choose not to participate, it will not affect your current or future relations with the researchers, your organization of employment and there is no penalty or consequences for failing to participate in this study.

Contacts and Questions

The researchers conducting this study are [Responsible Investigator] and [Co-Investigator(s)]. You may ask any questions you have now. If you have any additional questions, concerns or complaints about the study, you may contact them at [contact information].

Statement of Consent

I have read the above information. I have received answers to the questions I have asked. I consent to participate in this research. I am at least 18 years of age.

Print Name of Participant:


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